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Six million requests to stay in the UK after Brexit

More than six million EU people want to stay in Great Britain after Brexit.

Brief essentials

  • More than six million people from the European Union want to stay in the UK.
  • Applications for the right to stay after Brexit were submitted.

More than six million people ME I would love to stay in Great Britain after Brexit. By the June 30 deadline, 6.02 million people had applied MEAs the British Home Office announced Friday evening, the so-called settlement plan is for citizens.

Have the program MEGet citizens who lived in Great Britain by the end of 2020 – the same rights that existed before Brexit – the right to live and work in the country, but with access to health care and social services.

According to the Home Ministry, so far 5.45 million applications have been processed, of which more than 95 per cent have been accepted. What this means is that there is still a large backlog of cases that many will have to wait for clarity about their future status. Shortly before the deadline, there was another rush of last-minute applications.

Companies are worried

Nevertheless, civil rights organizations fear that hundreds of thousands of people have missed the deadline and are now staying in the country illegally in ignorance. The main concern is the elderly, the sick or the homeless. The 3 Million organization warns that some of these people may not even know they need to apply for a new status, or that they have problems with the digital application process.

With Brexit, freedom of movement ME– Citizens in Great Britain and vice versa. Complicated and expensive visa procedures are now essential.

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