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Siomi and America are friends again

2021 started with a shocking news for all Xiaomi fans. The company merged with the United States in mid-January Classified as a communist military institution And ended up on a blockchain. Fears quickly arose that Siomi would now face the same fate as Hawaii: excluding business with US technologies or US companies, with consequences such as loss of access to processors, software and services.

However, this did not turn out so badly as Xiaomi ended up on a different block list than Hawaii. This only prevented them from investing in Xiaomi, resulting in a loss of capital for Xiaomi. In addition, there was a deadline of November 2021 for the return on investment. So Siomi had enough time to fight back.

That is what was done. Xiaomi responded relatively quickly to being classified as a communist military organization. In addition to an official statement that the allegations are absurd and provoke a lack of evidence, Prosecuted U.S. officials involved. The goal was to get rid of the charges and finally get the company back on the blacklist.

It was a relatively quick success. Shiomi was already able to join in March A restraining order Remove the company from the block list. The matter is not over yet, however, and the responsible US officials are still sticking to the version of their story. With yesterday May 25, the ghost is now over.

U.S. officials have not provided any evidence that Xiaomi is working with the Chinese military, and this poses a security risk to the United States. For this reason, a final verdict has now been handed down, which prevents US officials from re-arresting Siomi. Siomi will have nothing to fear if US officials do not find conclusive evidence of their earlier claims. The dark clouds over the company have now been cleared.

At this point Siomi has an official statement:

Siomi (“Company”) announces May 25, 2021 at 4:09 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, U.S. for Columbia District. The district court issued a firm order classifying the company as the “Communist Chinese Military Association (CCMC)”. Canceled by US Department of Defense. By removing the classification, the court formally removed all restrictions on the purchase or holding of securities by American individuals.

The company is grateful for the trust and support of its global users, partners, staff and stakeholders. The company ensures that it is an open, transparent, public business, independently operated and managed. The company will continue to provide reliable consumer electronics products and services to its customers and continue to provide amazing products at reasonable prices to provide a better life around the world through innovative technology.

Siomi Germany PR Team

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