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Sinn Fin plans to hold a 2032 referendum in Ireland

Sinn Fin plans to hold a 2032 referendum in Ireland

Sin Fein fights for United Ireland. The Republican Catholic Party wants to hold a referendum in Northern Ireland by 2032.

Briefly essential

  • A few weeks ago, Sinn Fin formed the largest party in Northern Ireland.
  • Now the Republican Catholic Party plans to reunite with Ireland.
  • It is set to be voted on in the British provinces in the next ten years.

Wants to join Republican-Catholic Sinn Fin party EUCountry Ireland. He wants a referendum on this in the next ten years British Province Stop Northern Ireland. “We must win hearts and minds,” party leader Mary Lou McDonald said in London on Tuesday.

There will be one in the next decade Constitutional change To give. According to opinion polls, United Ireland do not currently have a majority in Northern Ireland. Supporters hope Brexit And population growth is playing into our hands.

In the Irish language Houses of Parliament In Dublin, McDonald’s Sinn Féin is the largest opposition party. In Northern Ireland, a few weeks ago, the party, led by Vice President Michelle O’Neill, became a strong force.

The Unionist Party is blocking the formation of a government

This means that O’Neill is eligible for the position of Head of Regional Government (First Minister). However, he wanted to form a united government with the Unionist camp, which wanted closer ties with Great Britain. Out Resistance Via Northern Ireland Protocol – BrexitSpecial rules for the region – it prevents The largest trade union party DUP.

“It is a shame that the DUP is taking our people hostage,” O’Neill said. The power structure between the two sectarian camps, which was carefully balanced with the 1998 peace agreement, aims to ensure peace and stability.

The trade unionists, however, feel isolated from Britain by ethics. On the other hand, McDonald said: “The protocol works. Which is what doesn’t work Brexit.

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