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Singer Ross Anthony “never wants to go back” to dog pro Martin Rutter

Singer Ross Anthony “never wants to go back” to dog pro Martin Rutter

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Ross Anthony wanted to enlist the help of dog professional Martin Rutter, but the pop star didn’t like his instructions at all.

LEIPZIG – As a dog trainer, Martin Rutter (53) offers his support to everyone – including German celebrities. Pop star Ross Anthony (49 years old) was not at all satisfied with the work of the professional: the singer was very angry with the TV star.

Ross Anthony is angry: Martin Rutter has banned him from contact with dogs

MDR talk show “river boat” She has a serious reputation – but there was a surprisingly saucy moment recently: Desiree Nick, 67, exposed herself mid-show and embarrassed the presenter. On Friday (November 17, 2023), things were less revealing, but by no means dull: dog pro Martin Rutter revealed on set why pop star Ross Anthony doesn’t speak well to him.

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In the past, the trainer went to Ross Anthony’s house to help train his dog while filming for TV. Ross was angry after the shooting days. “He absolutely loves his dogs, but he drives the dogs crazy with his behaviour. That means he’s jumping around the apartment, dancing and singing – and the dogs are really excited,” the 53-year-old began by saying. In order to give the animals a break, the trainer had a plan: an absolute ban on contact with Ross.

Then I said during training: Paul, his husband, is a quiet, intelligent, contemplative person. He must do it. […] My advice is that Ross should not have any contact with dogs for the next eight weeks. But the singer didn’t like it at all. “He was angry and then said he would never be involved in dog training again,” says Martin Rutter.

Ross Anthony had reason to be happy this year

The pop star and his partner Paul have been married for five years, but this year Ross Anthony and his husband renewed their vows. Ross wrote next to the photo: “Excuse me, what did we do again?”

Ross Anthony ‘hurt’: Martin Rutter regrets that day

The animal lover was feeling sorry for the dogs at the time, and wanted to help them. That’s why Martin Rutter still stands by his advice today. But he does regret one thing: he should have taken the whole thing to Ross Anthony in a different way. “Ross understood very well what I meant. He was just hurt. Maybe I wasn’t careful enough and should have handled the whole thing more carefully.”

Although Ross was no longer interested in Martin Rutter as a dog trainer, it did not harm their relationship. The TV star confirms that even in the past, he still has a good relationship with the pop musician. However, Ross Anthony got into a “real” argument with another celebrity: Michael Wendler (51). Sources used: “Riverboat”/MDR (broadcast as of November 17, 2023)