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Singer Beatrice Egli surprises with a big announcement

Beatrice Egli established herself in the German Schlager world.Photo: IMAGO/Eibner


Christina Hildebrand

Just over the weekend, Beatrice Egli caused quite a bit of excitement when, along with fellow famous artist Florian Silberisen, she teased rumors of her love for herself and the singer on the stage of “The Great Farewell to Schlager”. Many saw a selection of “1000 und 1 Nacht”, a cover of Klaus Lage fans A hidden message from the duo and since then it has been suspected that the hit stars are also romantically involved. Beatrice Egli has not yet commented on this.

Beatrice Egli: Big announcement for 2023

There is still no news from the singer. Talk to “Spot on News” (via “star), the 34-year-old reveals her plans for this year and what makes her particularly happy.

Beatrice Egli doesn’t want to reveal “too much,” but the singer is currently looking forward to a performance in May. At “Schlagersterne 2023” the Swiss will be on the stage of the Coliseo Balear in Mallorca alongside famous stars such as Giovanni Zarrella or Howard Carpendale. When she goes to Vacation Island at the end of spring, the 34-year-old will have “the first songs from the new album already as well as the popular songs she’ll be singing and my current single ‘Volles Risk,'” she announces.

She also recommends her fans “extended beach days” while in Mallorca. And the Swiss reveals that Egli herself can spend an entire day in the sun “with a sun hat, sunglasses and a bikini in her bag”. “I like to soak up the sun, refresh myself in the cool water, read a book and take a little nap.”

Work in progress: new eagle album 2024

For the performance to come in May as well, the Swiss is currently working “with several great musicians and producers” on the new show. Music. The entire album will then follow “next year,” confirms the 2013 “DSDS” winner, but is already looking forward to “finally sharing her work with my fans.”

Big Hit Return 2022 - Live from Leipzig July 23, 2022 From the Glass Hall in Leipzig Might Kelly, Beatrice Egli and Anastacia want Florian Silberisen second class.

Beatrice Egli and Florian Silberisen caused speculation in Jurgen Drew’s “Farewell Blow”. Image: / IMAGO / osnapix

Where’s the musician Travel Works, but can be previously detected. On the new album “there will be a mix of Beatrice Egli’s well-known voices and perhaps one or more unexpected new musical voices”.reveals the singer.

With her latest album, “Everything You Need”, Beatrice Egli managed to climb to the top of the German album charts in 2021.

Above all, the 34-year-old wants to “give people a good mood” with her music, as she says in interview To understand that, “we can touch, make us think, tell stories as well as music and so on life celebrate. And this is both in traditional sounds and sounds closer to pop music. “The singer understands the evolution the genre has gone through.” The fact that Schlager can and is allowed to do so much nowadays makes me so happy,” she says happily.