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Silent Hill: Leaker: Trailers for several titles are coming soon

Silent Hill: Leaker: Trailers for several titles are coming soon

In the meantime, several Silent Hill projects have been officially confirmed, but not many have been seen lately. According to a well-known leaker, this should change very soon.

If you thought a leak was too reliable in the past, we’ll be seeing new trailers for several Silent Hill games in no time at all. As is known, it has been pretty quiet around them after the official announcement – but apparently only until these days.

The fact that this leak is true again will fit the picture very well – after all, the announcement of a remake of Silent Hill 2 and other remakes of the survival horror series after a number of rumors and internal reports last year was nothing short of a surprise.

In this case, well-known leaker Dusk Golem spoke up, who had already correctly reported on the new Silent Hill games in the lead-up to the announcement. Accordingly, several trailers for the upcoming Silent Hill games are about to be released; In at least one case, it has to be “before June,” which means the trailer can be expected to be released by the day after tomorrow at the latest.

“I don’t know the exact dates for everything,” Dusk Golem explained via Disco Snitch channel. “But I can say there are new trailers for Silent Hill 2 Remake, Townfall, and Ascension ready to be revealed.” The first trailer will definitely air ahead of Summer Game Fest, which is scheduled for June 8, before clarifying that it will be “really soon, before June.”

In the course of the subsequent conversation, the insider gives some additional information. The new version of Silent Hill 2 has great art direction, Silent Hill: Townfall looks very interesting and Silent Hill: Ascension looks great graphically. As soon as there are new trailers for said titles, you can of course watch them too on Gameswelt! We will keep you updated.

Silent Hill 2 Remake – Teaser Trailer

It’s official now – Silent Hill 2 is getting the long-awaited remake, developed by the Bloober team.