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Silent Hill 2: Will it be long?  New information on the state of development!

Silent Hill 2: Will it be long? New information on the state of development!

After many rumors, it’s now officially confirmed that a remake of the horror classic Silent Hill 2 is on the way. But what about the game and the current state of development? The guys from Team Bloober have commented on this just now.

So fans of the franchise and those who want to become one have reason to be happy! The good news is that the Silent Hill 2 remake is almost complete. Piotr Babieno, CEO of developer Bloober Team, confirmed this in a new interview. So they are currently waiting for Konami and their partners to set the final release date; So one of these should be expected relatively soon.

The aforementioned interview was Business PAP guided. There, Papineau said that a Silent Hill 2 remake is “technically ready”. So while the processes are well advanced and we’re just waiting for a release date to be set, Babieno also adds “that doesn’t mean game development is completely over.” In this regard, the gold situation has not been fully realized.

The bottom line is that the development team still has time to fine-tune and remove any bugs. The entire marketing operations are in the hands of the publisher’s partners and must also be determined. The final decision on publication rests with Konami.

The new version of Silent Hill 2 is officially announced in October 2022, and the release date has not been announced yet. The remake aims to remain basically faithful to the original game from 2001, but will receive all sorts of innovations such as improved combat design and improved opponent AI.

Silent Hill 2 Remake – Teaser Trailer

It’s official now – Silent Hill 2 is getting the long-awaited remake, developed by the Bloober team.