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Sienna Miller Returns in Netflix ‘Anatomy of Scandal’

Art imitates life: In the new Netflix series “Anatomy of a Scandal,” currently leading the streaming Swiss show, Sienna Miller (40) plays the wife of a British minister (Robert Friend), who is said to have been betrayed by sexual abuse and affairs. In her role as the cuckold’s wife, Miller makes an impressive comeback and convinces with her painful performance – and no wonder, because she knows what she’s playing herself with.

In the mid-nineties, Sienna Miller became the victim of one of the most famous cheating scandals in Hollywood: in 2004 it was revealed that her fiancé at the time, movie star Jude Law (49), cheated on her with the nanny. A media mud battle ensued. Miller said in a 2020 interview that the drama of cheating on the public was the “worst moment of her life.”