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Sick actress: Annika Kärsten-Hoenig: What will happen next for her and Heinz?

Sick actress: Annika Kärsten-Hoenig: What will happen next for her and Heinz?

Heinz Hoenig with his wife Annika Carsten Hoenig. She gives an update on her husband's health.

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Actor Heinz Hoenig has been in a Berlin hospital since the end of April. The 72-year-old has already undergone a complex surgery. How does his wife Anika see the future?

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  • Heinz Honig was taken to hospital by rescue helicopter at the end of April.
  • After undergoing surgery on his esophagus, he is in the intensive care unit. The 72-year-old actor is currently undergoing artificial respiration.
  • His wife, Annika Carsten Honig, does not leave his side: “We have to do our best. There is no point in complaining, it gets me nowhere.”

On April 30, actor Heinz Hoenig was airlifted to a clinic in Berlin on a rescue helicopter. Since then, fans have been concerned about the 72-year-old, and donations have enabled his first life-saving surgery.

The actor (“The Great Bellheim”) currently remains in the intensive care unit and is being artificially ventilated. How is his wife Annika Carsten Honig coping with this difficult time?

In conversation with «» She is optimistic without losing her sense of reality. “We have to do our best. “There's no point in complaining, it doesn't get me anywhere,” says Annika Carsten Honig, who, in addition to her seriously ill husband, has to take care of their two young children.

Moreover: “I just cling to the belief that everything will be fine. I also said to Heinz: ‘No matter how long it takes…what takes a long time will be fine.’ Grandma always said that.” We may not be able to do a sprint now, but it is a marathon. With every small step we get closer to our goal.”

Honig is disabled due to the removal of his esophagus

Annika Carsten Honig says she will stay by her husband's side. “For better or for worse. Absolutely yes.”

She married her husband for love and everything is a part of him: “Even if later he needs care, I will be there day and night. Always. Forever.”

Director of the Heinz-Hönig Club, Birgit Fischer Huber, speaks in an interview “Watson.D” A healthy update too. It is uncertain whether the actor will be able to practice his profession again.

“First he has to get back home to his usual surroundings,” Fisher-Hooper says.

She doubles down: “His life will never be the same as it was before. He is only disabled because his esophagus has been removed. Unfortunately, no one knows if he will work as an actor again.

Now, Annika Carsten Hoenig and Heinz Hoenig will “give strength to each other.”

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