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Showtime on Running: HQ, the shoe is broken

Showtime on Running: HQ, the shoe is broken

The on the run She is a phenomenon. In the year the shoe startup went public, its makers amassed more than the Paradeplatz tycoons.

As soon as criticism was raised, they appeared on Swiss television. in “Gredig directly“They erased the jigsaw from the table with a few sayings.

This is how IP marketing works.

One of the founders said such compensation was “not unethical”. “One was shocked by the number,” yes, but: “The shareholders have an interest in our investment altogether (…), which we continue to dream of together.”

The next dream is a new headquarters in the Westend Zurich. What is meant is the business district of Limmatstadt, where skyscrapers and hotels appear like mushrooms.

Here, too, the makers of ON show where they are the absolute masters: in self-marketing. The high-rise tower is far from ready for occupancy, in fact still standing on scaffolding.

But what is actually engraved on the wall? Footwear and sports company logo. Marketing at its best.

“It’s actually the new location with new offices and a store,” an ON spokeswoman said. “More details will follow after opening or transfer.”

As far as the photo, the stock is modest. Since its launch a few months ago in New York – and then with huge fanfare – the title has collapsed 40 per cent. Billions – gold.

4 billion worth – gold (The Google)

You haven’t heard a word from those responsible for the flaws in the sneakers. These are made in Vietnam, look great, and are fast. Often after a few months.

This also shows how ON Running works: If you complain, you get a new pair. But what doesn’t happen is that bosses, designers, and factory managers make sure that their shoes don’t just look good and are comfortable.

But they also carry this.

flat feet? (IP)

“We are constantly working on developing our products,” says a spokeswoman for On. “Based on feedback from the past few years, we have continued to work on products and, for example, have replaced the fabric in the heel area with more durable ones.”

This worked. “The improvements we made to the liner had an immediate effect and we saw a significant reduction in the number of complaints.”

Furthermore: “We are also constantly improving the construction of the soles and in our Blockbuster models we use a specially developed foam mixture called Helion, which is very temperature resistant and more durable than EVA foam, which is not very durable.”