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Show in “Borat One-Piece”.

Show in “Borat One-Piece”.

Rose may now meet the ban.

“Like any athlete, Shane is bound by the Code of Conduct and the Athletics Agreement. We are committed to resolving complaints and reviewing the matter,” Equestrian Australia said in a statement. “However, Shane has not been suspended or subjected to any other sanctions. However, as usual, he has been suspended from competition pending a review.”

In the Wallaby Hill Extravaganza show competition in Robertson, New South Wales, Ross rode in three different costumes – a gorilla suit, a “toughman” (a beer reference to “The Simpsons”) and a “mankini”. Neon- a color that exposes both the buttocks and is a very tight bathing piece. The dress was popularized by comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen's fictional character Borat.

Rose, who won Olympic silver with Australia in 2008 and 2021 and bronze in 2016, wrote on Facebook: “I'm sorry if this has offended anyone,” adding: “Hopefully the outcome of the investigation will allow me . . . to return to competition and continue my journey to the Olympics.”