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Short hairstyles 2023: pixie, short mullet and platinum blonde

Short and good

Short haircuts will dominate this year

Tired of a long mane? you are not alone. Short hairstyles are in demand more than ever. A star’s hairstylist reveals which styles will be especially popular in 2023.


Demi Lovato opted for an elegant pixie and appeared with it at the Pre-Grammys party. Swiss star hairstylist Martin Dürrenmatt revealed in an interview the short haircuts that will also be trending in 2023.

Photograph: Odd Guerucci/Reuters

Are you still growing your hair out, but in reality you are dreaming From short hairstyle to forever? Or do you want to breathe some new life into a short hairstyle? Then read on: Our star hairstylist Martin Dürrenmatt hair studio in Zurich and asked which short hairstyles should be on screen for 2023.

The expert explains the hype

How does that happen Short hairstyles are booming all of a sudden? The hairdresser complains: “Because international celebrities are cutting their hair now, people here are becoming more daring.” “People like to visually orient themselves to their role models.” Deep-rooted prejudices about men’s and women’s hairstyles will finally be mitigated: “For a long time, it was said that short haircuts were less feminine.

1. The classic: the pixie cut

The pixie remains one of the most popular short hairstyles in 2023. “Since American actress Anne Hathaway Michelle Williams was seen on screen with the cut, it’s one of my all-time favorites,” says the stylist. “It nicely accentuates the face and brings it to the fore. Of course you have to like it – but it makes a great statement.”

2. Back: the short mullet

the The mullet has been back for a few years on the screen. This was also noted by the expert in his studio. However, you should keep one thing in mind when it comes to women’s-specific cuts: “Men’s cuts are often very severe, which goes well with an angular face. Women often have good facial features, so I tend to cut my mullet in a lighter version. »

3. Light: The main thing is to be blonde

Especially when the guy is really short Change to blonde in. “The risk of hair damage is relatively small because it is short and unprocessed. You can always dye directly over your natural hair color. This makes it easier.” Dürrenmatt is a fan because you stand out with platinum blonde, short haircuts. Makes every story instantly more modern. In addition, you can then Special colors like lilac or pinkan experience.”

Short haircuts are past their prime

Where there are winners, there are also losers. Dürrenmatt sums up cuts that are no longer at the top of his clients’ wish lists: “Short, asymmetrical haircuts with long hair on top of the head are less in demand—when Rihanna wore this hairstyle back then, it was such a big thing for a long time. I hardly see classic cuts yet.” Now.W: The single colored strands hanging down the forehead now look very old-fashioned. »

How do you like to wear your hair?

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