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Shocked CS Staff: Körner-Lehmann-Diethelm-Takeover - Inside Paradeplatz

Shocked CS Staff: Körner-Lehmann-Diethelm-Takeover – Inside Paradeplatz

The acquisition is no longer necessary, Credit Suisse has already fallen into the wrong hands. It is now under the control of three UBS chiefs.

Axel Lehmann, President, Ulrich Koerner, CEO, Markus Diethelm, Head of Legal Affairs: Three times Central to No. 2, three times to No. 1.

Rescue Heads. It remains to be seen if it succeeds.

Importing UBS for the first time: U. Körner (CS)

Yesterday the “Oli Knife” pills were like him financial times Due to his redevelopment skills, his first CEO appeared at the CS Conference Center in St Peter Forum.

“It was so well received,” a man from Camp Corner said to the town hall that happened physically and crossed the line. “People felt that Korner was the right person to break up the powerful investment banks.”

A cold nose, essential to the heart of the masters of the universe in New York and London, so that sound. Tidjane Thiam previously bit his teeth on the project, so a “cool” caliber is needed.

Other CS insiders were skeptical. They see cereal as a bad option.

According to an inside source, there is incredible astonishment, almost shock, especially among the women in the CS crew, who, as is well known, CS wants to promote especially.

Second UBS import: M. Diethelm (CS)

Corner gave a talk at UBS with a live report that was particularly encouraged by his boss who was happy to go with him on business trips.

to follow Whistleblowing Report About “Nepotism,” the manager switched to Credit Suisse two years ago, working in private banking as a senior manager.

The change has nothing to do with whistleblowing, according to CS.

Corner joined CS a year later. According to the bank, there is no correlation between the two jobs.

3rd Party UBS Import: A. Lehmann (CS)

The criticism prevailing among Credit Suisse managers for the selection of the new CEO has to do with his management style. NZZ contacted Körner today.”introverted‘ Tages Anzeiger blasted those pills yesterday No media Requested.

Korner’s dealings with employees have been the subject of debate in the Financial Center for years. There was talk of a rude tone, a rude manner.

Korner knows his weaknesses, says a confidant. For an upcoming “Hosenlupf” with Anglo-Saxon investment bankers, there’s a touch of arrogance right away.