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Shell refers to charging network plans for Great Britain

After Shell recently announced that it would increase the number of charging points worldwide from 60,000 to 500,000 by 2025, the energy company has now provided more details about its plans in Great Britain. Accordingly, a total of 5,000 charging stations are to be installed on the island by 2025.

This is the result of an interview with UK investor magazine by UK Shell President Senate Lynch. Accordingly, the shell currently has more than 100 charging stations of 50 or 150 kW in its locations in Great Britain. This number is expected to double by the end of 2021. Shell aims to install an average of one or two DC charging stations at 500 of its British filling stations by 2025;

According to Lynch, many places will become “hybrid models for decades”, but Shell is also considering stopping petrol sales altogether in some places. Shell is designing a “future petrol station” including cafes and parcel pick-up services. However, the fast charging network should not be limited to petrol station locations: “We would like to enter the ‘target charging’ section with faster and faster charging stations so that they are found in the parking lots of supermarkets,” Lynch was quoted as saying.

Shell also relies on AC chargers in the UK market – including the latest Acquisition Berlin Charge Infrastructure Specialist Ubitricity. As a result of the acquisition, the shell suddenly has about 2,700 AC charging points on public roads.

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Comments on Great Britain now show how Shell wants to achieve its goal of reaching 500,000 charging points worldwide by 2025. When the brand was announced in February, the type of charging point was completely open, leaving the distribution based on the shell market. Above all: Last November John Toshka, head of Shell’s gas station business in the DACH region, provided some insights into planning for the German-speaking area in an interview with Looking at the ambitious table, more details should not be too long to come.

Meanwhile “UK investor” Shell writes that it does not plan until 2025, but aims to further scale the charging network to 2.5 million charging points by 2030.