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Shelby Houlihan ban exists: wild boar mode as in Obelix - Sport

Shelby Houlihan ban exists: wild boar mode as in Obelix – Sport

Yes, yes, the judges for middle distance record holder Shelby Houlihan, 28, have already left a spark of honor. They do not entirely rule out that Houlihan’s version that the steroid nandrolone got into her body after eating a wheat tortilla with contaminated meat could be true. This stems from the ruling published by the International Court of Sport CAS now.

There is only one small catch. The Portland food stall should have mistakenly served pork to the runner even though Houlihan had ordered beef. Oh, and it shouldn’t be any pork, but wild boar. So not just any wild boar, but a non-neutered pig. In contrast, this rarely ends up in the food cycle in the United States, with a 1 in 10,000 chance, an expert on the process said. For this reason, examiners at many screening centers have to overlook the very large testicles of the animal in question.

The judges concluded that the chance of Houlihan’s version being correct was “very close to zero”

The Cas committee cleverly concluded that the contaminated meat must have come from an unvaccinated pig with hanging testicles that slipped through the controls. Oh yeah, and the androgen level had to be increased in this pig, which is somewhat unlikely in un-neutered six-month-old pigs with undescended testicles. Even if Houlihan was very fortunate (or unlucky) to catch such a sample in a meal burritos – Nandrolone values ​​in doping tests were, according to Cass, two to three times higher than all values ​​in the long history of the human race after recorded consumption from unprocessed pigs. . Unfortunately, the board’s exact 44-page list does not say whether these records go back to the wild boar positions of Asterix and Obelix.

The judges concluded that there was a possibility that Houlihan’s account was correct, but that it was “very close to zero”. The jury was also not convinced that neither Houlihan nor her coach, Jerry Schumacher of the prestigious Bowerman Track Club, had heard of nandrolone. The player also submitted a hair sample and a polygraph test, and many witnesses praised her impeccable personality. Nor was Houlihan asserting that she always wanted to win naturally, which is why she didn’t even wear her supplier’s alleged new miracle nails two years ago at the Doha World Cup when she finished fourth in the 1500m.

What is it now: a tragic coincidence? Daring? sabotage? In any case, this will lead to a four-year ban. And perhaps a place of honor in the treasury of exotic steroids excuses.