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She is fiercely hostile on the net!

She is fiercely hostile on the net!

Charlene von Monaco has been in South Africa for months. Meanwhile, your kids are with Papa Albert in Monaco. This bothers some royal fans…

The basics in brief

  • Charlene von Monaco and her husband, Albert, are said to be experiencing a marital crisis.
  • The former player has been in South Africa for months while her children were in Europe.
  • The 43-year-old has received a lot of criticism because of this.

whispered Princess Charlene of Monaco (43). While the former player was in South Africa, her two sons Jack and Gabriella, 6, were alone with Prince Albert, 63, in Monaco.

Although the 43-year-old insists she cannot be with her family for health reasons, many fans are sure: with Charlene and her husband, Albert There is a serious crisis.

Princess Charlene is hostile on the net

Charlene is unaffected by headlines and answers Instagram with a statement. In a black and white photo, she pretends to be an African warrior in a powerful pose. She writes: “The horn of a rhino is not cool!” the princess Draws attention to the “Chasing Zero” anti-poaching initiative.

But the 32-year-old doesn’t just commend the fight. Plus comments like: “Be strong” and “Forget your husband! Live your life and do what makes you happy. I’m sure you’re a great person.” MotherIt is also subject to a lot of criticism.

A royal fan reprimands: “Please go home to your children!” Another writes: “Shame on yourself and come back to Monaco at last!”

Do you think Charlene is really sick?

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