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Sharon Batiste: German Bachelorette Shows Her Bald Head

Sharon Batiste is ill

German bachelor showing off her bald head

Sharon Batiste has made no secret of the fact that she wears wigs on social media. Because the German bachelor suffers from circular hair loss. In the last episode, she appeared on TV for the first time with a bald head.

With long, dark hair, 22 men met German bachelor Sharon Batiste (30). But that’s just one side of it. “I also have something I haven’t shown guys before,” she revealed in Episode Three, which can already be seen on the RTL+ streaming service.

The actress means her bald head. Because Batiste has been experiencing circular hair loss for the past 15 years. the disease, who also has Jada Pinkett Smith (50), It weighed heavily on her shoulders. “Every day I was looking for a new place in the mirror, combing my hair, looking at my hands and thinking, crap…”.