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Sharon Batiste crying because of Christian Polanc

“Let’s Dance”: Valentin Losin replaces Christian Polanque

Despite all the rumors about Sharon Batistes, 31, and Christian Polancs, 44,’s “Let’s Dance” feud, the former “Bachelorette” is deeply saddened by the change of partners. under tears Sharon explains in an interview with RTL what she has in mind:

I thought of something positive when I heard the word surprise, but something like this happens instead.

This news was the head start for her, having just competed with dancing couple Sally Ozcan and Massimo Senato to enter the next round. Tremble It had to. “It’s hard to say goodbye to Sally, everything is coming together for meSharon explains. As the 31-year-old explains, a partner change shouldn’t have happened to her:

I think this is nonsense, because you are going down the same path together and I don’t want to switch places.

Dance professional Christian was also surprised by the change. “This one is cruel“, he honestly admits. And who is swinging now? next week Sharon with a dance leg? Valentin Lucien, the actual dance partner of favorite Anna Ermakova is the new man on Sharon’s side. In return, Ana receives a professional Christian for the next dance. Let’s see how the new towers work like this!

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Source used: RTL News