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Shakira settles scores with ex Gerard Pique – and throws bad darts

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“I traded my Ferrari for a Renault Twingo” is just one of the many nasty darts Shakira shoots at ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique (and his new girlfriend) in her new song.

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50 million clicks on YouTube in 24 hours. Shakira’s new song “BZRP Music Sessions #53” goes through the roof. Angry tongues may claim that this is not just about music, but spicy content.

Because: Shakira apparently sings her frustration and pain from her soul. The song’s lyrics strongly suggest that the singer is harassing her ex-husband, Gerard Pique, and his new girlfriend.

This is how she sings:

“I traded Ferrari for a Renault Twingo.

I traded a Rolex for a Casio watch.”

As a side note, Shakira introduced the new Twingo in 1995 at the International Auto Show in Bogota, Colombia.

My promotions don’t lie – Shakira promoted Twingo in 1995.Photo: Reno

“A wolf like me is not for men like you.”

a nod to her 2009 megahit she wolf.

“You’re over your age, so you’re dating someone just like you.”

In one paragraph, the singer gets meaner:

“Lots of visits to the fitness center, but rather work on your brain.”

The fact that Latina refers to her ex-boyfriend and the father of her children in her song is confirmed in four statements in particular:


Shakira sings in one verse: “You left me alone with the press in front of the door and a debt from the tax office.” It is possible that she is alluding to the lawsuit brought against her by the Barcelona Public Prosecutor’s Office in 2022. The Spanish tax authorities accuse the singer of €14.5 million in tax fraud. Shakira denies the allegation and claims damage to the authorities’ reputation.


Elsewhere, the 45-year-old sings: “I’m 22” – a reference to the alleged age of Pique’s new girlfriend.

epa09995331 (File) - Colombian singer Shakira (R) poses for the media with her partner, FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique (L), during the presentation of her new album

It was love at the time: Gerard Pique and Shakira in 2014.Photo: Cornerstone

You mean this is all just a coincidence? yes? yes? yes? after this brilliant Hard evidence you should probably reconsider this:

#3 and #4

In a Spanish pun, she slips in the names Piqué and Clara, the name of the footballer’s alleged new girlfriend. It sounds like this: «Beardon, que salt-Effects(I’m sorry if I spattered) and “Tiny Nombre de Buena character, Clara-Mint, no » (she has a good person’s name, obviously not).

new song:

Video: YouTube

But who knows, maybe the vowels didn’t consciously flow into two consecutive paragraphs. Maybe she likes the alcohol numbers — and she can’t handle the other numbers, the tax office said.

A somewhat more solid theory is called: Grief Processing, which occurs in different stages and forms. Recently, Shakira sang in very different tones about the failed relationship: “It wasn’t your fault and it wasn’t mine either. Blame it on the monotony.”

“Monotonia” – the first song released by the singer after the breakup:

Speaking of monotony, the Hips Don’t Lie singer’s vocals were more sophisticated than that. But back to the current scoop, which, regardless of the spiteful messages, clarifies: “I will not go back to you, do not cry for me and do not beg me.”

At the end, the waka artist sang “That’s It, Goodbye” and gave a fist bump to Argentinian DJ and producer Bizarab, with whom she produced her new song.

The song becomes the first topic of conversation

That’s all from her side, but with gossip Public opinion probably won’t be like that for long. Twitter is just getting started. The video already has more than 300,000 comments on YouTube, which emphasize above all the tremendous success of the song and its musical aspect:

“62 million in just over a day. It’s amazing what Shakira has achieved.”

«Let’s go to 100 million. Latin number one! »

“This will be my favorite breakup song right now. Thank you Shakira for this amazing masterpiece.”

Twitter reactions are more humorous.

Although Shakira didn’t exactly put the Japanese electronics group Casio, which produces digital watches, in the best light, the company sees it with humor and writes: “We love that you splurge on us.”

The rest should be clear:


Separation after eleven years of relationship

The couple announced their separation in early 2023 after 11 years of relationship. The two met while filming the official song for the 2010 World Cup Waka Waka in South Africa. Then the native Colombian moved to Barcelona.

Gerard Pique and Shakira have two sons together. The singer plans to immigrate to Miami with the children. According to reports, the former FC Barcelona player is in a relationship with 22-year-old Clara, but he has not yet made any public statements about it.


Stop! Wonderful! Gosh! Shakira goes to the gynecologist!


Stop! Wonderful! Gosh! Shakira goes to the gynecologist!

Source: Splash News Ducasse // spl946524_005

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