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Shakira and Lewis Hamilton ‘more than just friends’

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton ‘more than just friends’

After secret meetings

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton ‘more than just friends’

After the singer was said to have reconciled with ex Gerard Piquet, rumors of a relationship with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton became louder.


What is really going on between Lewis Hamilton and Shakira? According to an inside source, the two are said to be “more than just friends.”

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  • Shakira, 46, and Lewis Hamilton, 38, reportedly met secretly in Ibiza.

  • An insider now confirms that the two are “more than just friends.”

  • Meanwhile, the 46-year-old is said to have reconciled with ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique, 36.

Can the rumors really be confirmed? Has the grudge between Shakira, 46, and ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique, 36, finally been buried? and he Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton (38) for its new champion?

Rumors about Shakira and her relationship status have been circulating for months. After her relationship with former soccer player Gerard Pique ended after nearly twelve years, The Wars of the Roses broke out par excellence. This is now over: According to recent reports, the two are said to have made peace.

According to Shakira’s close environment: “She adheres to the separation agreement to the letter, there are no more discussions or problems,” writes the Spanish magazine “Vanitatis”. Pique’s inner circle confirmed the statement: “There is no longer a problem.”

Is Lewis Hamilton Shakira the new guy?

Meanwhile, speculations about a relationship with Lewis Hamilton are growing. An insider who knows Shakira well told the Daily Mail that the musician and the athlete are “more than friends” after a “secret” trip to Ibiza. And this despite the fact that the Catalan newspapers reported that Lewis Hamilton was “annoyed” by the Colombian. Jordi Martin, the famous paparazzi, strongly denies this information. He’d heard from Shakira’s close environment that the two had “always had a great friendship” — and that that friendship had now evolved into something more.

As early as May there was speculation about a possible relationship between the Colombian and Hamilton. As photographer Sergio Garrido recently revealed on Spanish TV channel Telecinco, the two met “three times at Shakira’s villa on the Balearic holiday island of Ibiza” in July.

The two are “very familiar” with each other

According to the photographer, the “secret meetings” took place during a short break in the Formula 1 calendar – possibly between the British Grand Prix and the race in Hungary. “When Shakira’s staff left the villa, the singer stayed and received a visit from Hamilton,” he said. Garrido also alleged that Hamilton’s personal driver reported “constant phone calls” between the two. The bachelors were also spotted at a joint dinner.

After the Grand Prix at Silverstone in early July, Shakira was said to be partied with Hamilton until the wee hours of the morning. She reportedly went to London Tape nightclub to meet the contestant after helping him in the race. One attendee said they looked “very familiar”. However, they returned home separately.

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