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SGT Istanbul Mossberg is not wrong

SGT Istanbul Mossberg is not wrong

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Not the players, but the pests are running through SGT Istanbul Mosberg Park this weekend. © Farmer

Due to the necessity of pest control, the match between SGT Istanbul Moosburg and SC Freising will be postponed. The opponent isn’t entirely happy about that.

Moosburg/Freising – District Class Game of the Week is not a game. The match between table leaders Istanbul Mosberg and top-ranked SC Freising was canceled because the Mossburg stadium was being treated for a pest infestation. The Saudi Football Federation really wanted to play, but the leaders refused and were not satisfied with the short break. The match has been rescheduled to November 26.

Istanbul Mossburg has already retreated inland – and doesn’t want to do so again

SGT Istanbul Stadium is located at SG Moosburg Sports Stadium between the train station and the ice stadium. The grass there had been infested with pests for a long time, which is why the match against Türk SV Pfaffenhofen was in danger at the start of the season. The newcomer from the regional category managed to avoid the match in short order and play football in the swimming pool on the grounds of FC Moosburg. This time moving within the city was not a problem. “We had already played a home game on a neutral field and we didn’t want to give up the advantage of playing at home again,” says Moosburg coach and player Dominik Geisler.

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“No one here is keen to postpone a match on November 26 or if winter comes in mid-March,” says Erik Hillenbrand, head of football at Freising. For this reason, the sports club proposed an exchange of home playing rights, which would have attracted the league leaders to be able to play the final two matches of the season at home against Kirchdorf and SCF. However, Istanbul Mosburg refused and made it clear to Hillenbrand that they would be fine with the move given the red card suspension and several key players injured. “We didn’t look for any reasons to cancel,” Geissler says. But the break still suits him well.

However, he points out that the cancellation does not mean a big advantage: Kevin Gunaydin, who moved from the sports club to SGTV in the summer, will likely be red carded in the upcoming difficult matches (Türk SV Pfaffenhofen, FVgg Gammelsdorf), and the big star Burak Ozdemir The season is over anyway. Probably the best footballer in the Freising region tore his cruciate ligament against Kirchdorf. Due to the cancellation, Ampertal can at least temporarily return to first place with a win at TSV Au on Sunday (2:30 p.m.). Second place is currently two points behind the temporarily suspended leader. Nico Power

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