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SG Bingerbrück / Weiler jumps to second

SG Bingerbrück / Weiler jumps to second

SG scores 6-2 landslide win over FC Halsheim +++ FC Aksu Diar Mainz wins 4-3 over TSV Wackernheim

Mainz Bingen. SG Bingerbrück/Weiler made a massive leap to second on the Class A climb-up round Mainz-Bingen with a 6:2 crush of FC Halsheim. Meanwhile, TSV Wackernheim suffered another setback in 3:4 against FC Aksu-Diyar-Spor Mainz.

SG Bingerbrueck

home neck

“A very important win against a good opponent,” SG coach Christoph Schenk summed up. “Nackenheim played a great game until the 60th minute and deserved the lead for a long time. After that we showed a mentality and wanted to do everything we could to keep the points at home. Finally, the handling of the behavior and the hilarious moments suited – our substitutions also gave us great momentum and ensured our trio. : “We go ahead in the first half and obviously we’re better in terms of playing – then we get five goals in that disaster location…” Goals: 1:0 Bastien Theis (fifth), 1:1 Marvin Cardoso (20), 1:2 Mark Kevin Marks (28), 2:2 Daniel Strasberger (60), 3:2, 4:2, 5:2 Noah Thielen (68, 75, 78), 6:2 Janick Meyer (85).


ah. de Mains

“The first 20 minutes were very good and we had to go more than 2-0,” TSV coach Oliver Schmidt commented. “Before the break we had a really big goal to make it 4-2, but Aksu goalkeeper Murat Akar saved quite well a few times.” After the break, the guests immediately drew in front of 80 spectators and presented TSV with real challenges. “The last 20 minutes were strong play by both teams, and there were great chances in every minute,” Schmidt said. “It could have ended 7:7 – Aksu managed to punch a lucky corner kick in the last minute. Congratulations to Aksu – but life goes on at Wackernheim.” Goals: 1-0, 2-0 Yannick Schmidt (8, 13), 2-1 Alexandru Dorel Mihai (27), 2-2 Mustafa Akman (37), 3:2 Jiro Eichhorn (40.), 3:3 Doilio Torini (50.), 3:4 Maimonides Bodelab (90. + 5).