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Sexual assault in Republic Square

Sexual assault in Republic Square

NRW Police Avatar

Mönchengladbach. In the early hours of Sunday morning, July 11, 2021, around 5 a.m., two women, 27 and 26, were victims of sexual assault in Republic Square.

Friends from partying came from the old town and walked their arms side by side from the main station in the direction of Rahracker. In Republic Square, they were both pushed from behind on the shoulder, and both fell to the ground. One of them was slightly injured. When the women turned on their backs they saw the attacker. She took one in the crotch, whereupon she defended herself with screams and kicks. The man left her and fled towards the vocational college.

It is described as: between 30 and 45 years old, about 1.80 meters tall, short brown hair, strong stature, good-looking European appearance. The man was wearing dark jeans, a white shirt and a green satin puffer jacket.

A manhunt in the vicinity was unsuccessful. The investigation is ongoing. Mönchengladbach police asked witnesses for relevant information. You receive this at phone number 02161-290. (ots)