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Severe weather warning issued by Chaco

Severe weather warning issued by Chaco

Asuncion: The Directorate of Meteorology and Hydrology has issued a severe weather warning of possible storms in central and southern Chaco.

The special announcement indicates that thunderstorm cells and storm cells can develop over central and southern Chacos, so the occurrence of storm phenomenon on Wednesday afternoon cannot be ruled out.

The areas affected by the warning are central, southern and eastern President Hays Circle.

The Meteorological Service advises that in these areas there can be occasional rain with moderate to strong thunderstorms, storms and hail. Rain is expected in the rest of the country.

The next few days are expected to remain hot and humid, with highs possibly ranging between 33°C and 36°C in the eastern region, while it will exceed 37°C in Chaco.

The severe weather warning has now been extended to the provinces of Alto Paraguay and Concepción.

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