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Severe thunderstorms – after a sweltering heat

Severe thunderstorms – after a sweltering heat

Sunday may be the hottest day of the year, but it can also bring severe storms with heavy rain. Photo: Getty Images Europe/Christian Ender

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Josephine Andreoli

After many rainy days with storms and thunderstorms, summer is back in time for the weekend. Finally, one might think. Because especially last week the sky was more reminiscent of a gray November day. But the heat is back. And really.

Here you can find out in detail what weather awaits us at the weekend and the beginning of the week. Take a look at expert forecasts.

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The heat is coming – with a peak on Sunday

After days of heavy clouds in the north, the sun spreads across the sky on Saturday, with almost no clouds and temperatures rising to 31 degrees.

In the rest of Germany, thin patches of clouds are moving across the sky, but that may be a good thing, because temperatures rise to 36 degrees in the west. In addition, a light wind is blowing, as meteorologists from “weather.netto report.

The temperature will rise again on Sunday significantly: In the north, we can expect temperatures between 30 and 34 degrees, and only occasionally do a few clouds push themselves against the blue sky. The sun also shines in the east and south with loose clouds, temperatures here rise to 36 degrees. In the west it can rain in some areas, but the temperature is between 34 and 37 degrees.

In extreme cases, according to experts from “weather onlineEven peak values ​​of up to 38 degrees are not excluded.

And even at night it hardly gets cold. Especially on Monday night, there are so-called tropical nights in many metropolitan areas. This means that the lows will not drop below 20 degrees. In other parts of the country too, it stays very warm at night with temperatures between 17 and 19 degrees.

After the weekend, the rain returned

And on Monday still in the south and east according to German weather service (DWD) Clear at first, but during the day there will be thunderstorms with a risk of heavy rain. In the west and north there is heavy cloud cover and only scattered showers and thunderstorms. The temperatures there range from 23 to 28 degrees, otherwise it stays at 29 to 34 degrees “hot and humid”.

On Tuesday the sun disappears“In the north then behind the clouds for a long time, it stays pleasantly warm with temperatures of up to 26 degrees. Also in the east the sun often hides behind the clouds, with temperatures of up to 31 degrees during the course of a day.

It is still especially hot in southern and western Germany: temperatures here range from 31 to 35 degrees. The wind blows weakly from the west and southwest.

The hot phase extended in the south – and it’s still very dry

“The heat is slowly creeping into overtime,” says meteorologist Dominic Jung of YouTube’s From the weekend we expect “30 degrees plus x” every day – except north.

But Young also stresses: “The heat will be followed by lightning on Sunday.” With heavy rain and thunderstorms, sometimes with showers, heavy rain and hail.