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severe pain Heidi Klum has to go to emergencies with her husband over and over again.

The year 2022 has not been easy for “GNTM” host Heidi Klum. She has had to drive her husband, Tom Kaulitz, to emergencies several times. On his podcast, the Tokyo Hotel musician revealed that he suffers from cluster headaches.

she has ‘Mustard from Hollywood’ Podcast Twin brothers Tom and Bill Kaulitz meet weekly in their Los Angeles music studio and chatting, with a drink in hand, about their glamorous lives in the States. But the final episode of December 20th is back in action. They review 2022 – with all its ups and downs.

Especially since Tom Kaulitz has one Terrifying anusSo after a terrible year. He has health problems. “My lowest point was definitely the cluster headache phase,” he reveals. But the 33-year-old doesn’t like to talk about it because he fears it will cause new bouts of pain. His wife, Heidi Klum, has had to take him to the emergency room several times.

Cluster attacks are among the most severe headache disorders and are characterized by episodes of severe, one-sided pain in the eye, forehead, or temple lasting 15 to 180 minutes, Dass writes. German Cluster Headache Competence Center on the website. It often takes up to eight years for the correct diagnosis to be made.

Bill Kaulitz doesn’t take it seriously

On his quiet podcast tour, the Tokyo Belle Hotel singer mocks his brother: “How seriously can I take it seriously?” Bill even says twice: “It’s like that, Tom. You’re falling apart.” He gets a phone call every two minutes from Heidi Klum saying, “We’re on our way to the emergency room again.”

The person concerned does not find it funny at all. He has already talked about his health issues in the past. An American doctor once told him during his appointment, “It might be uncomfortable.” Translated into German, this means something like: “It might be uncomfortable.”