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Several dead in mass panic at Fest Lag Baomer, Meron

Several dead in mass panic at Fest Lag Baomer, Meron

At least 45 dead and 150 injured as a result of a mass panic at the pilgrimage site in Meron. Israeli rescue workers speak of an “unbelievable disaster.”

A participant in the Lag Bomer Jewish festival mourns after the killing of several believers in a state of mass panic in Israel.

Amir Levy / Getty Images

what happened?

At least 45 people, including children, died in Israel Friday night after a mass panic erupted during the Lag Bomer Jewish festival in the north of the country. Dozens were injured, many of them at risk. “We just had to deal with one of the worst incidents in Israel,” Dov Meisel of United Hatzalah said in an early Friday morning interview. Aides were exposed to horrific scenes that weren’t there since the bloodiest days of waves of terror in the early 2000s. According to information from Friday noon, the death toll is now 45, and there are said to be 150 wounded. Since men and women celebrate the festival in separate sections of the site and panic erupts in an area reserved for men, the majority of victims are likely to be male.