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Servette, ZSC Lions and Zug win - Lugano loses again against Rapperswil

Servette, ZSC Lions and Zug win – Lugano loses again against Rapperswil

Zuger gets the second point in the series against SCB


On the third day of qualifiers in the National League, Servette, ZSC Lions and EV Zug can celebrate clear wins. Lugano loses against Rapperswil after extra time.

EVZ with a suitable reaction

Qualifier winner EV Zug was introduced again in Series Quarter-finals against SC Bern. Dan Tangis’ side win 3-0 and are now leading with a 2-1 victory.

After the 2: 6 defeat on Thursday, the question arose as to whether Zug was too “loose”. There was no mention of this in the third quarter-final match in the series. Central Switzerland did not let the guts buy this time, and they reached the correct conclusions from a defensive standpoint and celebrated aptly named their seventh victory in the ninth match this season.

He fell 1-0 to EVZ in the 22nd minute immediately after strong play by the guests. Bern defender Cali Anderson did not realize that Zug was completed again, at which point Jan Kovar, returning from the penalty area, took the puck and Justin Abdelkader skillfully completed the counterattack. After 42 seconds in the final third, Lino Marchini sent off an indefensible Claudio Kadonao volley, with Dario Simeon 3-0 (50) responsible again for the assist from Kadunao. Simion already scored his fourth goal in the quarter-finals.

All in all, little Berne came to beat Zug’s strong goalkeeper Leonardo Ginoni (25 saves). Not only did they lose the match, they also lost Sweden’s Jesper Olofsson, who initially remained on the ice for a long time after checking out from Kadunao in the 18th minute and never came back. A concussion is suspected.

Goalie Waeber the Champion again – ZSC Lions takes the lead

The ZSC Lions come in Lausanne 3-0 for their second successive victory and lead 2-1 in the series.

On Saturday, Lausanne never recovered from the 5-0 slap in Hallenstadion. Playmaker Dennis Malgin, who was injured on Thursday, has once again lost every nook and cranny.

Lausanne lacked the necessary discipline. Vaudois did not want to play with less than again (as in Zurich) over and over again. But they acted in an unclean manner, and especially tried to intimidate Christian Marty (who knocked Malgene out of the game) and after only 14 minutes there were two in the penalty area. Ryan Lash scored the goal 1-0 with a double majority.

Lausanne chased after this deficit to no avail. Time and time again they failed due to play, hit the post, or failed due to Zurich goalkeeper Ludovich Weber (39 saves). Waeber, who has moved from Gottéron to ZSC Lions as the alleged No.2 this season, came to a second consecutive close after 5-0 on Thursday.

Roman Wake secured Zurich’s 2-0 win away in the 50th minute. Seven seconds before the end, Rafael Brasil scored the empty goal.

I was very impressed

The Genève-Servette Hockey Club takes the lead in the series against Freiburg. Servettiens made the first half against Gottéron with an 8: 3 away win.

Ultimately, the result should not be overrated. Gutron stopped the resistance in the final section and allowed himself to “slaughter”. 51 minutes later, Servet drove 8: 1; Tyler Moi came up with a hat trick.

Something went wrong in Freiburg at the start of the second semester. Up until this point, Guteron has dominated match three. Then Elliott Berthon made it 2-1 for Geneva – after a bounce. Berthon has only reached the second goal this season. Also at 4: 1 (by Noah Rudd) Servet’s impressive presence in front of the opponent’s goal led to success.

It wasn't the Freiburg game: Dave Sauter (left) and Philippe Fourier
It wasn’t the Freiburg game: Dave Sauter (left) and Philippe Fourier


Freiburg’s defense was overwhelmed by the Geneva attackers. Usually goalkeeper Reto Pera saved the first attempt in the final, but the Freiburg defenders were unable to block the second chances or hit the ball. In addition, Gottéron caused a blackout: before 1: 3, Chris De Domenico negligently lost the disk in his private area.

All these negative experiences in Freiburg mean Servette was able to start the show in the final section.

Lakers punish Lugano

Rapperswil-Jonah lead the Lakers – only tenth after qualifying – after winning 3-2 after extra time in Lugano in the series against Ticino 2-1.

Lugano dominated the third game in the series again. But the people of Ticino do not work efficiently at all. In overtime I lost my thread more and more. Sandro Furrer hit the Lakers after 77:29 after winning the attack in the attack zone with a 3-2 win. Before that, Tyler Moy, Dominic Eagle, and Michael Losley had ample opportunities to shoot the Lakers to victory.

One thing is clear: Lugano must be in the books by Monday through the fourth game. Once again, Lugano was supposed to decide the match in normal time. Again, Ticino’s shots on target more often: 40:26 (Game 1), 39:17 (Game 2) and 52:28 (Game 3) were shot ratios. The results do not reflect Lugano’s dominance at all: 6: 2 Lugano in match 1 followed by two victories for the Lakers (4: 1 and 3: 2 nV).

In the regular season, the Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers were the top two twice. Michael Losley and Jeremy Wake bring competent guests to the fore – capitalizing on mistakes from goalkeeper Lucas Schlegel (0: 1) and Janie Lagunin (1: 2). Adil Giovanni Morini (in the power game) and Dominic to order each of them in favor of Lugano.

Lugano – Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers 2: 3 (1: 1, 1: 1, 0: 0, 0: 1) Nevada

0 Viewers. – SR Beachczik / Florey, Obwegiser / Fox. Goals: 15. Losley (Vukovic) 0-1. 17. Morini (Fazzini / Powerplaytor) 1: 1. 31. Fuse 1: 2. 40 – (39:26) Lamer (Fazini) 2: 2 78:29 Frere (Rehak Nice) 2: 3 – Penalties: 6 times 2 1 minute against Lugano, 6 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Gelovac) against Rapperswil – Jonah Lakers. PostFinance Scorer: Arcobello; Clark.

Lugano: Schlegel. Heide Willinger Lovell, Chiesa; Nodari, the wolf. Zanger, Riva; Burgler, Arcobello, Podker; Walker, Lagunin, Suri; Fzenie, Herberger, La Mer; Morini, Sanitz, Bertagia.

Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers: Neville; Vukovic, Gelovac; Egli, Profico; Sataric, Mayer; Randiger, Dufner; Lyman Roe Eggenberger; Clark, Wake, Cipher; Moses, Whittier, Lucley; Rehak, Nice, Forer.

Commentary: Lugano without trapper (injured), Brennan and Joseph (both of them a surplus of aliens), Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers without Servinka, Donner, Lotak and Bayer (all injured).

Lausanne – Black ZSC 0: 3 (0: 1, 0: 0, 0: 2)

One viewer. – SR Salonen / Urban, Altmann / Wolf. Goals: 15. Lash (Nuru, Ro / at 5 against 3) 0: 1. 50. Wick (Bernie, Weber) 0: 2. 60 (59:53) Brasil 0: 3 (in the empty goal). Penalties: 6 times, 2 minutes against Lausanne, 5 times, 2 minutes against the Z-Lions. PostFinance Scorer: Hudon; Andregeto.

Lausanne: Stephan; Ginazzi, Barberio; Hildner, Frick. Grossman, Aurelene Marty; Arnold Kruger Juris, Gibbons, Haddon; Birchy, Emerton, Kenens; Cracouscas Almond Anthony; Jagger, Freudfu, Douai.

Black ZSC: Weber; Nuru, Christian Marty; Phil Baltsberger, Gering; Troutman, Bernie; Reddy, Noah Mayer; BRASIL, RU, ANDREGITO; Bodenmann, Kruger, Hollenstein; Lash, Segrest, Rotiainen; BedRetti, Shabee, Wake.

Comments: Lausanne without boson, Hodasic, Maillard and Malgin (all infected), Ruth (surplus aliens), ZSC Lyons without Chris Baltsberger, Bendenbacher, Morant and Peterson (all injured). Lausanne from 58:05 to 59:53 without a goalkeeper.

Zug – Bern 3: 0 (0: 0, 1: 0, 2: 0)

0 Viewers. SR Lemelin / Mollard, Schlegel / Burgy. Goals: 22 Abdelkader (Koufar) 1-0. 41 (40:42) Marchini (Kadunao, Hoffman) 2: 0.50. Simeon (Hoffman) 3-0. Penalties: 5 times, 2 minutes against Zug, 4 times, 2 minutes against Bern. PostFinance Scorer: Alatalo; House, house.

Train: Genoni; Smurfs, gros goats, stadler kadunao, alatalo; Zgraggen. Simeon, Kovar, Hoffman; Klingberg, Sentineler, Zinder; Marchini, Shore, Abdelkader; Langeniger, Leonberger and Bachufner; Allenspach.

Bern: Karhonen; Untersander, Mika Heinauer; Anderson, Zereid; Thiry, Beat Gerber; Colin Gerber Conacher, Geoffrey, Moser; Bestoni, Braplan, Sheroy; Badr, Heim, Olofsson; Berger, Neuschwander, Soba; You will chew.

Comments: Train without Thürkauf, Dario Wüthrich (both injured), Thorell (foreign surplus), Bern Don Blum, Ruefenacht, and Sciaroni (all injured).

Friborg Gutron – Geneva Servet 3: 8 (1: 1, 0: 3, 2: 4)

One viewer. – SR Stricker / Stolc, Kehrli / Duarte. Goals: 9 Jörg (Abplanalp, Palser) 1-0. 13. Fehr (Arnaud Montandon, Tömmernes / Powerplaytor) 1: 1. 22. Perthon (Le Coulter) 1: 2. 27. Moy (Kast) 1: 3. 39. Rod (Fehr, Tömmernes) 1: 4. 46. Moi (Amarak) 1: 5. 51. (50:41) Fahr (Arnaud Montandon, Tomernes / 5 versus 3) 1: 6. 52nd (51:05) Vermin (Le Coultre / Powerplaytor) 1: 7. 52 (51:33) Moi (Cast, Miranda) 1: 8. 53 verse (52:48) Jaker 2: 8 58. Mottet (Desharnais, Gunderson / Powerplaytor) 3: 8. – Penalties: 5 times and 2 plus 10 minutes (De Domenico) against Friborg Gutron, 6 times and 2 minutes against Geneva Servet. PostFinance Scorer: Men; Accurate.

Friborg – Gutron: Pera; Sutter, Forer Gunderson, Chavillas; Camerzine, jeker; Appplanalp. Herren, Marchonne, de Domenico; Stalberg, Descharney, Mottet; Bogrow, Schmid, Jörg; Sprunger, Walser, Bykow; Working in.

Geneva Servet: Descloux; Jacquemet, Tomernes; Carrier, Le Coulter; Gopi, Fulmin; Simons. Voylamos, Winnick, Omark; Rudd, Fehr, Huam; Moi, Cast, Miranda; Arno Montandon, Perthon, Battery; Smirnov.

Comments: Friborg-Guteron without Brauden and Rossi (both injured), Geneva Servet without Maurer, Mercier, Richard (all injured) and Acelin (foreign surplus).