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Sergio Perez will stay at Red Bull until 2026

Sergio Perez will stay at Red Bull until 2026

( – Max Verstappen's teammate Sergio Perez will remain at Red Bull for the next two years, the racing team announced on Tuesday afternoon. The Mexican's contract will be extended until the end of 2026, meaning he will remain teammate to world champion Max Verstappen for a fifth year.

Sergio Perez will remain with Red Bull in Formula 1 in 2025

“I am very happy to stay here to continue our journey together and contribute to the great history of this team for another two years,” Perez explained. “Being part of this team is a great challenge which I love.”

“I would like to thank everyone for the trust they have placed in me. This is a lot and I want to return it with excellent results on and off the track.”

Perez moved from Racing Point to Red Bull for the 2021 season, backing Verstappen in the quest for his first world title and being particularly useful in Abu Dhabi.

Although Perez himself wanted to reach the world title at Red Bull, he could not do anything more than individual successes. While Verstappen went from win to win and title to title during their three and a half years together and set numerous records, Perez has “only” five Grand Prix victories.

And he's still missing one of those this season. Although he reached the podium four times in eight races, second places in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Japan had the greatest impact. With 107 points, he currently sits only fifth in the drivers' standings and can put his world title hopes behind him.

Red Bull convinces: Perez regains his fitness

“The last few races have been difficult,” says team principal Christian Horner. “The field is getting tighter, but we have confidence in Chico and we look forward to him returning to the level and performance that we see so often.”

Therefore, Red Bull sees no reason to replace the 34-year-old as he fulfills his role as second-in-command behind Verstappen. The team is currently unconvinced of all potential replacement candidates.

His teammate Yuki Tsunoda will show good form in 2024, but first he will have to show it consistently over a longer period of time before he can be selected for the Red Bull cockpit.

Recently, there has also been discussion about replacing Carlos Sainz, who will leave Ferrari at the end of the season. But the former Red Bull driver's return has yet to materialise, so the racing team is sticking with the proven duo.

Horner: Continuity and stability are important

“Now is an important time to confirm our 2025 line-up, and we are very pleased to continue our collaboration with Chico,” says team boss Horner.

“Continuity and stability are important to the team. Chico and Max represent a successful and strong partnership that ensured the team’s first double success in the championship last year.”

This means that Red Bull also has continuity beyond the current regulations, because when the new rules come into force from 2026, the pairing between the drivers will remain stable.