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Serbia warns of strength to respond to any threat (+ Photo) – Brenza Latin

On the eve of the 22nd anniversary of the occupation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), President Alexander Vuிக்i said his country does not have a few oatmeal for every crow that wants to eat it.

He instructed the 19 states of the military alliance, which he describes as arrogant and brutal because of the catastrophe, not to threaten him or think about his weakness.

Today ‘s Serbia, rediscovering its strength and glory, calling things by their names, giving the sword to war and failing to work, got up on its own two feet and gained its own voice.

Now he is listening even when his country does not trust him, the President noted that he is talented, growing up and will stop being a part of the problem and allow the whole region to live a life of peace and understanding to become that solution.

Belgrade does not drop bombs on anyone, but sends vaccines (against Govt-19), and Vusik insisted that it could be prepared for himself and all the Balkans within a few months.

Serbia also wants to be safe in its territory, which is why it wants an army stronger than it was in 1999, and he stressed that it should never be in a position to kill its children, destroy the country or expel people.

On the issue of Kosovo, which was severed by the NATO bombing and declared unilateral independence in 2008, he stressed that the ruler did not need its recognition and that Serbia would not recognize it, with the only answer being a compromise and agreeing with Pristina.

On the anniversary, a child was killed every day by a bomb blast 22 years ago, the most brutal, brutal and tragic figure of the 1999 NATO occupation, killed without guilt, without the right to protection, for justice and life.

No one has responded to that crime, 2,500 civilians have been killed, as well as soldiers and police, or more than 6,000 have been injured, and there is no explanation yet for the attack because, according to him, it is not possible to do so.

A heinous and horrific crime took place, Vusic condemned, an aggression against a sovereign nation took place, the UN. Indicates that the then Yugoslavia attacked a neighboring country or a NATO member without end and without an excuse,

19 He affirmed that the elders were cruel to a small state, with the sole purpose of annihilating, killing and taking over a part of its territory.

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