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Sensation after 35 years: A 13-year-old is the first to defeat the classic game “Tetris”.

Sensation after 35 years: A 13-year-old is the first to defeat the classic game “Tetris”.

For 35 years, no one has been able to beat the famous game “Tetris”. But now the teenager has made the impossible possible.

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  • A 13-year-old American teenager managed to smash the famous game “Tetris”.
  • He achieved this by playing longer than anyone had ever played before.
  • New control techniques have led to new records being set in the game “Tetris”.

An American teenager has become the first person to beat the classic game Tetris. 13-year-old Willis Gibson, from Oklahoma, smashed the game released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) by taking it further than anyone before.

At level 157 and the score was 999,999 – a world record – the screen froze. The game simply wasn't designed to reach this high level and crashed. “I'm going to pass out, I can't feel my fingers anymore,” an emotionally exhausted Gibson shouted on his live broadcast.

New technologies make it possible to set new records

Until a few years ago, almost no Tetris player could get past level 30. From there, the blocks move so quickly that it's impossible to control them in time with an NES controller.

However, die-hard players have subsequently developed new techniques with names such as “Hypertapping” or “Rolling”, where multiple fingers or rolling motions are used for control. The scene competes in tournaments and regularly sets new records. But the only thing that caused the game to collapse was the AI ​​in front of Gibson.

“Blue scuti,” as Gibson's player or player name is, mastered new techniques. He was also particularly enthusiastic, dedicating his accomplishment to his father, who died in December, as “404.” mentioned.