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Sego takes the pulse on trade deals with the UK

On Thursday, Seco launched a public consultation on modernizing its trade deal with Britain.

The essentials in a nutshell

  • Seco takes the pulse of the Free Trade Agreement with Great Britain.
  • A hearing on modernization began on Thursday.
  • Interested groups were given an opportunity to voice their concerns.

The Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (Seco) on Thursday launched a public consultation on modernizing the trade agreement with the United Kingdom. In this way, Seco provides opportunities for interest groups to bring their concerns.

A meeting of the Liaison Committee on Foreign Trade and Non-Governmental Organizations was held as announced by the State Secretariat. Trade relations with the United Kingdom are based on a bilateral agreement from January 1, 2021.

A bilateral agreement as an interim solution

This is a temporary solution. It was later changed Brexit Rights and obligations relating to trade between Switzerland and EU as much as possible On the relationship with Great Britain.

This agreement is not based on the specific interests of Switzerland and the United Kingdom Current trade policy environment Aligned. Switzerland and Great Britain will therefore hold preparatory talks from the second half of this year.

Along with the survey of interests, SECO is implementing the central government’s new foreign trade strategy. It provides for increased involvement of all interest groups. The current pulse measurement will continue till September 2.

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