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Secure your place in Career Paths 2024 now and inspire your company's academic professionals and managers!

Secure your place in Career Paths 2024 now and inspire your company's academic professionals and managers!


June 4, 2024


Reserve your place in Career Pathways 2024 now and get academic professionals and managers interested in your company!

Expand your team with the best academic minds and secure your place in HTWD's leading recruitment event now!

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In the November 12, 2024 Annual opens “Career Paths” exhibition. In the HTW Dresden It is open to companies looking for talented academic professionals, technology and business managers.

With over 120 exhibitor spaces, this event provides a unique opportunity Right on campus To connect the university with future talent and to address potential employees.

Under the slogan “Doing Well,” companies can not only enhance their employer brand, but also their own Providing job offers directly to students and graduates. The show attracts not only local talent, but also external visitors looking for internship opportunities, part-time jobs and entry-level jobs.

Departments Technology and economics They are the focus of the event. The spectrum ranges from:

  • Civil Engineering
  • (Business/Media/Administrative) Informatics
  • Electrical and computer engineering
  • Mechanical engineering with, among others, building systems technology and applied robotics
  • Geographic information and surveying
  • Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry,
  • design
  • Economics and industrial engineering

Registering as an exhibitor is still possible

This has been since the beginning of May Register as an exhibitor Opens.

Secure one of your desired locations now and benefit from our comprehensive range of services:

  • Exhibition stand (3-9 m²) on HTWD campus including furniture, electricity and Wi-Fi: meet potential applicants for academic job offers directly wherever they travel
  • Job wall for your job offers (2xA4)
  • Catering to exhibitors (all day)
  • Profile your company online and in the printed trade show guide
  • Interactive event pool (optional) and much more

Click here to go directly to an overview of the various service packages and prices for exhibitors.

Here's what our exhibitors say

“Low threshold, uncomplicated and goal-oriented… This should be a showcase for connection and that is exactly what is achieved here! HTWD Career Pathways is a great platform to talk to HTWD students as well as graduates from other universities.” -Electro-Engine-Plan Co., Ltd

“Career paths at HTW Dresden are now a must-see in the greater Dresden area. It is an ideal opportunity to talk to interested students and network with other exhibitors.” – TraceTronic GmbH
“HTWD career paths have always been an integral part of our calendar for us as employers. The disciplines taught form a great intersection with our professional scope as a service provider in the tension between technology and communications. Over the years, quite a few people have been involved in personal exchanges in Trade fair, where career paths start (either directly or indirectly). Exchanges with other companies are always welcome and are very possible here. -Q GmbH
“The trade show provides a good opportunity to exchange ideas with students and introduce career opportunities with us as an employer. We are already looking forward to the next trade show!” – Functional team of SachsenEnergie
“The Career Tracks went by quickly, and we had a lot of interesting visitors and students at our booth. What should be particularly highlighted is the wonderful atmosphere. Because it is spacious, the size and space available to visitors is very pleasing.” – Saxony Media Solutions Ltd
“In HTW's career paths, we as onexip have been able to inspire and inspire ourselves. Creative exchange with students, even outside the main target group, has unimaginable potential and is always fun. We are looking forward to next time.” -One Exp Company Limited

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