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Secret deal about Christina Loft and Luca Hanni’s wedding

Luca Hanni would be happy about that too!

“Let’s Dance” between stars Ali Gungurmus and Christina Luft is a special deal

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Ali Gungormus and Christina Luft

The two have a special deal

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Wow, others can only dream of this deal! In “Let’s Dance” Ali Gungourmoush and Christina Luft compete together for the title of “Dancing Star”. And if the star chef makes it to the final and returns home with the trophy, a very special surprise awaits Christina – and her fiancé, Luca Hanni. Small spoiler: it’s about the wedding of the dream couple “Let’s Dance” … We reveal in the video the exclusive deal negotiated by the “Ali e Olio” team.

In the video: Luca Hani reveals – this is how the wedding plans are

How far are you with wedding preparations? "Let's dance"Luca and Christina lovers

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“Let’s Dance” lovers Luca and Christina

How far are you with wedding preparations?

Ali Gungurmus actually cooked up Christina Loft’s birthday menu

“If I make it to the final and I win with you, then…” Yes, what then, dear Ali Gungurmuş? Professional dancer Christina Loft likes to add: “…Then, he said, he will arrange my wedding.” This is a really crazy deal! After all, Ali is a star avid chef—and he recently served Christina’s 33rd birthday dinner.

If your wedding menu is only half as tasty, it can be a hit! Now we just need to know when the dream wedding will take place. Most importantly, Ali must make it to the finals and become the “Dancing Star” in 2023!

What if the star chef cuts a good figure on the dance floor and the deal stands a chance? RTL always shows this on Fridays from 8:15 p.m. On the show “Let’s Dance” – Parallel TV broadcasts on RTL +. (ngo)