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Second sprint win of the season - superior victories in Davos - Sport

Second sprint win of the season – superior victories in Davos – Sport

  • Nadine Vandrich confirms her strength and wins her second consecutive sprint race in Davos.
  • The 27-year-old set the best lead time, after which she won both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals with ease.
  • For men, Yannick Ripley fell short as the best Swiss in the semi-finals.

Nadine Fondrich went into the World Cup on her home turf in Davos with high expectations but also with some nervousness. There was no sign of it on Saturday. Homeland Lucerne managed to fully live up to expectations: It took its second successive sprint victory and won its third World Cup on the individual level. Eight days ago she won in Betostolen in the classic technique, in Davos in skiing.

Fähndrich had already declared her ambitions ahead in the morning when she ran the fastest time of all 39 athletes. After her lunch break, she dominated her competition in both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals. She won both heats easily.

Historic victory for the flag

In the final, Fähndrich launched a decisive attack on the climb, took the lead and could not be held back from there. Jesse Diggins (USA) and Jonah Hagström (Sweden) finished on the podium behind Switzerland.

Fähndrich was the first Swiss woman to win a World Cup race in Davos and was also crowned the most successful Swiss cross-country skier in history as a three-time World Cup winner.

Three Swiss women stumble early

In addition to Fähndrich, three other Swiss women qualified for the quarter-finals in a small field of participants in Davos. But this was the end for everyone. Anja Weber’s lack of snow training was notable, she finished her heat 23 seconds over. Leah Fisher and Alaina Meyer took the third and fourth places almost simultaneously.

Riebli fails in the semi-finals

In the men’s category, Yannick Ripley, who finished convincingly fifth in the prologue, showed a strong quarter-final and qualified for the semi-finals finishing second in his heat. Among others, his compatriot Cyril Fondrich was let go. In the semi-finals, the competition also ended for Riebli. As the second last of his heat, he had to bury his last dreams.

Roman Shad barely made it into the top twelve. In the quarterfinals, he sometimes led his run, but was forced to let his opponents get close to the last metres. Finally, the Frenchman Renault Guy crossed the finish line a little earlier.

Italy’s Federico Pellegrino surprisingly claimed victory in the men’s final. In the home straight, he sprinted over the dominant Johannes Klapow, who had to settle for second place. Lucas Shanavat (FRA) completed the podium.

Here’s how to proceed

The next races are already scheduled for Sunday in Davos. Both women (from 10:40 a.m.) and men (from 1:10 p.m.) ran more than 20 kilometers in freestyle. You can follow both races live on SRF.