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Second place is the target now

Second place is the target now

With SV Bruckmühl (53), TSV Eintracht Karlsfeld and TSV Wasserburg (both 52), there are three teams hot on the heels of SB Chiemgau. Even sixth-placed TSV Ampfing (50) still has a mathematical chance of finishing runner-up, which qualifies them for relegation – and that’s exactly the opposition Traunstein’s side will face on the penultimate day of the season tonight at 7pm. Jacob Schumacher Sportpark.

“It’s our last home game of the season, so of course we want to have another positive experience for the spectators and fans,” said SBC head coach Daniel Maidancevich. Of course, he also wants to defend the second place to the end. “We don’t have the top spot on our hands anymore, but we have a season extension and we want to take advantage of this opportunity,” he says. But if that doesn’t work either, “then we’ll still have a good season,” adds the coach.

After the last two impressive home appearances – 3:2 wins in the first matches against Schweig and Carlsfeld – Magdancevic is hoping for similar football celebrations tonight. “But the Ampfingers sure want to annoy us,” he asserts. “The game also has a certain derby feel to it.” That’s why his team will add an extra percentage or two.

The two teams tied 3-3 in the first leg. At the time, former SBC head coach Rainer Elfinger was still on the sidelines at Ampfing. He resigned from TSV in March after it became known that his contract with Schweppermanns would not be extended beyond the summer. Elfinger is currently on a break, but will take over State League club TSV Grünwald in the summer.

By the way, things are looking pretty good tonight at SB Chiemgau. Even Majdancevic, who tore a muscle fiber in the last game in Kirchheim, might want to give it a try. “After all, there is a lot at stake,” he asserts. According to the coach, Kenan Smailovic and Julian Hollin, who are both ill and currently unable to train, will not be around.