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SD cards with long read and load times ›

SD cards with long read and load times ›

The re-introduced memory card reader, which new MacBook Pro models have addressed a point of criticism from many professional users and now allows photographers to easily import photos without the need for additional dongles, is not in line with some users of the new Pro models.

Transfer data with the handbrake on

Depending on the type of memory card used, new SD card slots often not only pop up due to relatively slow read times, the entire process from card recognition to volume ejection is for many users with incomprehensible performance issues and inconsistent systems – processes connected.

July Clover has multiple votes from affected users CollectedThis is not only available on the community portal reddit, but also in . format Many online forums he Said.

Standby times up to 30 seconds

Error descriptions vary, but they have a common time component: new MacBook Pro models often need 10-30 seconds to interact even with inserted SD cards. Sometimes apps like the Photos app take a minute to appear before the first snapshots of the inserted cards are displayed.

Although the manufacturer Sandisk and the 128GB capacity has been mentioned repeatedly in constant online rhetoric (a circumstance possibly due to the popularity of the Western Digital brand), problems seem to occur with cards from several manufacturers who are both under the current macOS 12.0 version. .1 In addition to the beta version of macOS 12.1 recently published by Apple I’m still here.

Moreover In the forum discussion The speaking request is flagged as a solution because problems will only arise with SD cards dem UHS-I-Standard Speaking, it has since been refuted by other users.