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Scotland: Giant Rats – This street scares garbage collectors

Scotland: Giant Rats – This street scares garbage collectors


Giant Rats – This street scares garbage collectors

The Scottish city of Glasgow has a rat problem. After several incidents, authorities are now warning garbage collectors that the street is particularly infested with rodents.


The rat situation is becoming more serious in Glasgow.

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  • The Scottish city of Glasgow has a rat problem. Some animals are as large as small dogs.

  • Now things have gotten so bad on one street that authorities have declared backyards a no-go zone for garbage collectors.

  • But this only leads to new problems, residents complain.

The city council has ordered cleaning crews in Glasgow, Scotland, not to enter the backyards of homes on Earl Street in Scotstoun. Reason: These are from Mice They are surpassed by smaller dogs in size. The instructions were issued for the health and safety of employees. Chris Mitchell, GMB’s head of cleaners in Glasgow, said some staff had needed hospital treatment after being bitten or scratched by rats in other parts of the city. “Animals bite and leave droppings everywhere,” he says. “It’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously ill.”

Movies have appeared on social media showing how Rodents Flying around on children’s sleds, running across green meadows, eating the contents of garbage containers, and even arguing with seagulls, according to local media reports. One cleaning employee reported seeing rats “the size of a Chihuahua.” The problem has been present in Glasgow for several years but now appears to have worsened. Insect infestations in Glasgow have increased by a whopping 31 per cent from 2021 to 2022 with 10,323 reports.

“Ugly and unsanitary”

In order to deal with the problem and protect garbage collectors, residents on Earl Street must now deposit waste containers in front of homes instead of behind them, where the bridge spans. But since garbage collection is now only done every three weeks, they have to take care of disposing of their waste elsewhere once the bins are full.

Residents say that this measure turns their street into chaos and creates a terrible scene. “We can’t leave our rubbish bins lying around everywhere. Putting them in front of our houses is unsightly and unsanitary,” Sam Whitehouse, 70, tells the Glasgow Times. He has seen rats at the back of houses, but moving bins in front of houses does not… Except that rodents are attracted to them. “They will search for food wherever they find it.”

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