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SCL Tigers end SC Bern's winning streak

SCL Tigers end SC Bern's winning streak

The SCL Tigers can finally look forward to victory in the Claw Derby once again.Image: Cornerstone

Friborg Goteron close in on national league leaders ZSC Lions. After winning the head-to-head duel, Freiburg also beat Kloten. Bern must admit defeat again after four straight wins.

February 3, 2024 at 10:19 pmFebruary 3, 2024, 10:56 p.m

SCL Tigers – Bern 2:1

On Friday, SCL Tigers players had their heads bowed as they walked out of the Gottardo Arena in Embrey late in the evening. They realized that they had clearly lost an important match in the struggle for a place in the playoffs against a direct competitor and that the plan to move to the decisive stage of the season was becoming increasingly difficult to implement.

Less than a day later, Emmental's mood improved significantly. The Tigers beat Bern 2-1, not only celebrating their prestigious derby win, their first of the season, but also ending Bern's run of four straight wins. Sakko Minalainen and Dario Rohrbach, the lone scorer in the 5-1 defeat at Umbria, each scored on a second-half power play for Thierry Paterlini's side.

SCL Tigers – Bern 2:1 (0:1, 2:0, 0:0)
6,000 spectators (sold out). – S.R. Cherig/Mollard, Altman/Homer.
Portals: 2. Lehmann (Cahun, Firmin/Powerplayer) 0:1. 32. Minalanine (Rohrbach/Powerplayer) 1:1. 40. (39:22) Rohrbach (Sarijarvi/Powerplayer) 2:1.
punish: 5 times and 2 minutes against SCL Tigers, and 3 times and 2 minutes against Bern.
PostFinance Top Scorer: What color. Kahun.
SCL Tigers: Boltzhauser. Sarijarvi, Guggenheim; Cadonau, Ricola; Mayer, Zarid. Schwab. Julian Dirt, Berger, Sarella; Minalanen, Malone, Pesonen; Rohrbach, Salzgeber, Lapinskis; Whipple, Petrini, Jenny.
Bern: Redburn; Untersander area; Lovell, Nemeth; Pucca, Kenshi; Bashud. Lehmann, Baumgartner, Shiroy; Sablatnig, Kahun, Lotto; Vermin, Knight, Badr; Fahrne, Ritzmann, Moser; Signboard.
comments: SCL Tigers are without Diem, Erne, Rossi, Schilt, Flavio Dirt, Zanetti (all injured) and Lewis (redundant foreigner), Bern is without Maurer, Scevior (both injured) and Naf (suspended). Bern from 59:05 without a goalkeeper.

The Tigers' Dario Rohrbach, leadoff, defeated Burns Goalie Adam Redburn and Patrik Nemeth during a National League ice hockey playoff game between the SCL Tigers and SC Burns, on Saturday,...

bubble! The ball hits SCB Reideborn's goalkeeper.Image: Cornerstone

Kloten – Freiburg 0:4

In the top-flight battle against the ZSC Lions, Marcus Sorensen showed his qualities on Friday with a goal and two penalties. Less than 24 hours later, the Swedish striker had the Freiburg-Gotteron fans cheering once again. In a comfortable 4-0 win over Kloten, who lost for the second time in a row and suffered a setback in the fight for survival in the league, Sørensen scored twice and set up Samuel Walser's third. By far the National League's top scorer now has 29 goals this season and has helped Freiburg secure a direct play-off ticket.

Kloten – Freiburg-Gutteron 0:4 (0:0, 0:1, 0:3)
6031 spectators. – S.R. Borga/Ströbel, Steenstra/Gnemmi
Portals: 36. Motet (Wallmark, De La Rose) 0:1. 51. Sorensen (Jegker, Di Domenico) 0:2. 54. Walser (Sorensen) 0:3. 60. (59:43) Sorensen 0:4 (into an empty goal).
punish: 2 times 2 minutes each.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Ang. Sorensen. Kloten: Mitsola; Reinbacher, Steve Kellenberger; Seidler, Steiner. Nodari, Satric; Matthew Kellenberger; Ang, Morley, writer; Simic, dem, obrist; Ojamaki, Profico, Mark Marchon; Losley, Lindemann, Joel Marchon.
Fribourg-Gotieron: Roger. Gunderson, Jecker. Gregoire, Diaz; Stroul, Duffner; rope maker; Sorensen, Wallmark, Motet; DiDomenico, Schmid, Nathan Marchon; Bertschi, de la Rose, Bykov; Spenger, Walser, Jörg. Pinyas.
comments: Kloten without Beaulieu, Derong, Maier, Meyer, Rammell (all injured) and Altonen (ill), Freiburg Gottieron without Sutter (injured) and Borgmann (excess foreigner). Kloten from 57:09 to 59:43 without a goalkeeper.

$ for $ During the National League ice hockey championship match between EHC Kloten and Fribourg-Gotteron on Saturday, February 3, 2024, in Kloten, EHC Kloten head coach Stefan Mayer with...

Kloten Meyer's coach lectures his players.Image: Cornerstone

SCRJ Lakers – Move 3:1

With five straight wins, EHC Kloten recently caught up with Rapperswil-Jona Lakers and made the battle for direct survival in the league exciting again. On Saturday, the St. Gallen team achieved a surprising big point in this regard.

The Lakers beat Zug 3-1, and after their second straight win, they now have three points and a game in hand on the Zurich Underlander. Sandro Zanger scored twice in Rapperswil's first win of the season against Zug.

Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – Zug 3:1 (1:1, 1:0, 1:0)
5034 spectators. – S. R. Wiegand/Hungerbuhler, Huggett/Messe.
Portals: 8. Weather (Lammer, Schroeder/Powerplayer) 1:0. 17 Michaelmas 1: 1. 27. Sanger (Albrecht) 2: 1. 60. (59:54) Sanger 3:1 (in empty net).
punish: 3 times 2 minutes each.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Moi. Marchini.
Rapperswil-Jona Lakers: Nevler. Ibescher, Deussie. Nuru, Mayer. Gerber, Leslie. Grossniklaus. Sanger, Albrecht, Cervenka; Moy, Schroeder, Lammer; Wick, weather, rub; Kajka, tabla, algae; Fourer.
Train: Genoni. Bengtson, Leon Muggli; Gross-Stadler; Smurf, Reva; Palestra. Simon, Michaelis, Hoffmann; Eder, Centelier, Piasca; Marchini, Kovar, Duke; Suri, Loewenberger, Wingerly; Violations.
comments: Rapperswil-Jona Lakers are without Paragano, Kaboll, Connolly, Donner, Jensen, Rask and Fuardo (all injured), and Zug are without Geiser, Hanson, O'Neill and Shinn (all injured). Practice from 58:52 to 59:54 without a goalkeeper.

Rapperswil celebrates a 1-0 score by Gian Marco Witter, center, in a National League ice hockey game between Rapperswil-Jona Lakers and Yves Zug, on Saturday, February 3, 2024, in St. Galler Can...

Raby celebrates its second successive victory at home against Zug.Image: Cornerstone

Lugano – Davos 0:1

It was an intense match between Logano and Davos. One that should lack nothing in terms of commitment and intensity. But there has been something missing in the arena in southern Ticino for a long time – goals. Until the last minute, when Chris Egli and Matej Stransky played their way through and gave Czech Graubünden three important points in the fight for direct qualification to the playoffs, with his eighteenth goal of the season. In terms of points lost, Davos (9th) is at least ahead of Louganese, who is in sixth place.

Lugano – Davos 0:1 (0:0, 0:0, 0:1)
5464 spectators. – S.R. Kohlmüller/Lemelin, Cattaneo/Kerli.
Goal: 60. (59:01) Stransky (Chris Egli) 0:1
punish: 4 times and 2 minutes against Lugano, 3 times and 2 minutes against Davos.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Thorkov. Stransky.
Lugano: Koskinen. Anderson, Mirko Muller; Jesper Peltonen, Alatalo; local army, wolf; villa; Jolly, Thurkov, Carr; Gerber, Arcobello, Quenneville; Fazzini, Kempe, Cormier; Zanetti, Verbon, Alexei Peltonen; Sionskis.
Davos: Aeschliman. Dominic Egli, Dalbec; Goebi, Nakiva; Brandon, Young; Lichtensteinsteiger. Frener, Corvi, Brestedt; Stransky, Rasmussen, Brassel; Ampoule, Nordstrom, Nussbaumer; Weezer, Chris Eagly, Barry; Hammer.
comments: Lugano is without Canonica, Granlund, Guerra, Morini, Marco Muller, Patri, Schlegel, Walker (all injured), Lallegia and Rutsalainen (both surplus foreigners), Davos without Knaak, Minder, Schneeberger, Sen (all injured) and Vora (suspension). . Lugano from 59:05 without a goalkeeper.

From left, Lugano player Kalvin Theuerkov and Davos player Matej Stranski, during the preliminary round match of the 2023/24 Swiss League A (NLA) championship between, HC Lugano agai...

Davos striker Stransky hits a header from Lugano Thurkov.Image: Cornerstone

Biel-Lausanne 2:1 after that

Mike Kunzel keeps EHC Biel's hopes of earning a spot in the playoffs alive. On Friday, in a 3-2 win on penalties, the 30-year-old scored the decisive try against his future employer, and on Saturday it was once again Kunzel who grabbed the Zealanders' second point.

Konzle scored the equalizer through Aleksi Heponemi in a 2-1 win over Lausanne shortly before the end of the second half, and just 38 seconds later he scored a penalty kick in extra time and finally got the Zealand national team celebrating.

Biel – Lausanne 2:1 (0:0, 1:1, 0:0, 1:0) Nevada
6,408 spectators (sold out). – S.R. Horliman/Pechaczek, Doc/Borgie.
Portals: 25. Rochette (Hero/Short Goal!) 0:1. 40. (39:24) Hyponemi (Kunzel, Jaquinco) 1:1. 61. (60:38) Konzle 2:1 (penalty kick).
punish: 3 times 2 minutes each.
PostFinance Top Scorer: ragala; Sumela.
Bial: Satiri; Love, Rathgeb; Yakovenko, Grossman; Christians, Forster; Reichl, Schlafer; Hofer, Haas, Rajala; Sallinen, Hyponiemi, Kunzel; Hischier, Conti, Kessler; Tanner, Stampfli, Bachofner.
Lausanne: Bash. Glauser, Djos; Hildner, Frick; Pilot Marty. Jelovac, Genazi; Haapala, Sumila, Rochet; Bozon, Jäger, Rafel; Reat, Fox, Seacat; Hughley, Holdner, Keenens.
comments: Biel is without Brunner, Borin, Barchi, Delemont (all injured) and Olofsson (foreign overloaded), Lausanne without Almond (ill), Kovacs (foreign overloaded) and Salomacki (injured).

Biel PostFinance top scorer Tony Rajala, right, reprimands referee Danijel Pechacek in the National League ice hockey championship game between EHC Biel and Luzanne HC, on Saturday,…

Tony Rajala didn't agree with everything.Image: Cornerstone

Serfeit – Chronicles 5:2

After three straight defeats, Geneva Servette has once again dropped into the middle of the battle for direct playoff qualification. In this regard, the people of Geneva may not have been happy to receive bottom team Ajoui on Saturday. Jean Cadieux's team achieved the secure victory they had hoped for. Saakari Manninen scored twice in the 5-2 win en route to his third win in the third encounter of the season.

Geneva Servette – Ague 5:2 (2:0, 2:1, 1:1)
7135 spectators. – S.R. Hebessen/DiPietro, Stalder/Orfer.
Portals: 6. Lou Coulter (Roud) 1-0. 9. Manninen (Filppola, Road/Powerplayer) 2:0. 22. Bernie (Hartikkinen) 3:0. 25. Odette (Zgragen, Supa/Powerplayer) 3:1. 37. Manninen (Hartikkinen) 4: 1. 50. Devos (Terry, Hazen/Short goal!) 4:2. 59. Praplan (Rod) 5:2.
punish: 2 times 2 minutes each.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Vatanen; Odette.
Geneva-Servette: Olkinora. Vatanen, Shanton; Carrier, Bernie. Honka, Lou Coulter; Jacquemet. Praplan, Filbula, Rod; Hartikainen, Manninen, Pertagia; Cavalieri, Joris, Beaulieu; Fulmin, Millard, Berthon; Genyard.
aerial: wolf; fi, zgrajn; Scheidegger, Fisher; Terry, Billette; Bierbaum. Hazen, Devos, Timashov; Suba, Gauthier, Odette; Asselin, Frossard, Dirt; Sciaroni, Romaninghi, Bozon; Garisus.
comments: Geneva Servette is without Lenstrom, Miranda, Richard and Winnick (all injured), and Agui is without Arnold (suspended), Rundqvist (injured), Brennan and Gelinas (both surplus foreigners). (Pre/DAP)

The generosity, ramassent of the peluches on the Vernets glass with ont and lances by the spectators, this operation is for the benefit of the HUG’s children’s hospital, the spectate...

In Geneva, tons of stuffed animals fly on the ice.Image: Cornerstone