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Schwarmstadt: Two dead after being shot in a German supermarket

In the German Aldi supermarket

A man (58) kills a woman (53) and then kills himself

A woman was shot dead in a supermarket in Schwalmstadt, Germany, on Tuesday. Then the offender drew himself.

Publication date: 07.06.2022 at 14:33


Updated: 06/07/2022 at 17:06

Two people were killed in a shooting at a grocery store in Schwalmstadt, Germany. According to preliminary findings, the police assumed that the man initially killed a woman and then killed himself. On Tuesday, police said witnesses to the crime had been unanimously informed.

“After the first investigations into the course of the crime, there is currently no evidence of the involvement of third parties,” she added. So the alleged perpetrator was 58 years old, and the shot was a 53-year-old woman. Their relationship was unclear at first.