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Schlager fun with Andy Borg – that's why the guest is no longer allowed to wake up

Schlager fun with Andy Borg – that's why the guest is no longer allowed to wake up

Andy Borg is considered a great number in the German Schlager. The Austrian has been on stage for over 30 years and has won numerous gold and platinum awards for his songs and albums.

when SWR-Broadcasting “Schlager Fun with Andy Borg” – And it's only available in the media library for a limited time – The Bavarian by choice, better known by his stage name, was by no means the biggest musician of the evening. This becomes clear when the 63-year-old singer performs his hit song “Sara.”

Schlager's fun with Andy Borg: The star has to look forward to as a guest

Burg walks around singing in the space reminiscent of a cozy wine bar, while also keeping his guests seated. Members of the Degerschlachter brass band, among others, give him a standing ovation.

When Borg was about to circle around trumpeter Oliver Scherb, he was astonished: the musician from the Reutlingen district group was hovering above him. But Borg seemed to like it, so he asked Scherb to turn his face toward the camera, whereupon Scherb put his hand on his shoulder in a friendly manner.

The resulting image gives the impression of father and son – only with the roles reversed. They both look completely happy and cheerful. After Borg finishes his tour and the song as well, he must return to this special meeting.

Andy Borg joked about the big guest: “I'm like, 'Where does the shadow come from?'

“I'm glad it's not just the little guests here tonight,” he joked, describing the moment he approached Scherb: “I walked by and thought to myself: Where does the shadow come from?” And then this guy gets up and stands next to me.”

Then he decided not to leave it at that: “Come on, I'll go there again.” When they stand side by side again, it becomes clear that the Borg only reaches up to Sherb's shoulders. He stresses that it is difficult to believe the pop star: “He is not standing on a chair.”

Then Borg climbs on it and reaches eye level. Big applause. The supervisor couldn't even think about it anymore: “It's unbelievable. This is something you only get when you watch pop songs.”

Andy Borg joked with the guest: “When I walk by you again, you stay where you are.”

Before Borg moves on to the next topic, there's a sarcastic request: “And when I walk by you again during the next song, you stay put.”

But of course Sherb will not be left behind. What Schlager fan can blame him?

After all, Borg also invited Sigrid and Marina, the young Zillerthalers, Michael Heck, Patrizio Boani, Andreas Hastreiter, Judith Womel, and Wolfgang Hofer. But Sherb was superior to them all.

What Borg's fans did recently with his hit song “Adios Amor” was not very well received by Borg's fans. Viewers are currently not allowed to watch “Schlager-Fun mit Andy Borg”, and it is questionable whether that will change again. Early in his career, Borg had to learn to stop getting angry in the morning in front of fans.