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Schlager: Embarrassing Meltdown at Ramon Roselli’s Concert

Schlager: Embarrassing Meltdown at Ramon Roselli’s Concert

Whether in “Always Again on Sunday” or in ZDF’s “Fernsehgarten”, Ramon Roselly is well received by the audience with his popular music. Like his colleague Beatrice Egli, he also became known through his RTL Casting DSDS show and triumph in form and it’s clear he’s been able to build on his success thus far.

Perhaps nothing can shake him today. After all, he is used to performing in front of a large audience. But it didn’t always go smoothly for him, Schlager star Ramon Roselli said in an interview.

Schlager star Ramon Roselli unpacks his suitcase

Although his music is in demand all over Germany and he has appeared on many television programmes, Ramon Roselli insisted on playing a concert in his hometown of Delice. Perhaps the singer did not expect that this would be accompanied by a spontaneous outfit change.

This action was motivated by the love of his fans. Roselli loves to be close to the audience while he is performing and is not afraid to hug and take pictures with his fans. Because he wanted to fulfill the fan’s request, he jumped on a box during his performance, but the desired reaction was not achieved because the fan automatically changed her mind about wanting to take a picture with him, Roselli told “IPPEN.MEDIA”.

Ramon Roselli is forced to use spare shorts

He was bitter that he had not thought about the fact that his pants might not match his erratic disposition. “I put my legs up and suddenly RAAAAAATSCH. ripped off my pants. I’m standing with my back to the audience and saying, ‘No, right?’” he said in an interview.

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