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Schauspiel Essen once again starts the donation initiative “The Place of the Gifted”

Co-created by Schauspiel Essen’s “The Gifted Place” work: Acting Director Christian Tombel, Corina Erdmann (educational director of lernHÄUSER Essen), Susan Meluzio (director of Theater Freundeskreis and Philharmonie Essen), Frank Weßing (head of the Sparkasse Essen board division), Tanja Werth (Assistant to the Board of Directors of Förderturm – Ideen für Essener Kinder eV) and Dirk Pomplun (Spokesperson for Stadtwerke Essen AG). Photo: TUP

Eat. Schuspiel Essen’s civic engagement allows children and young people in need to go to the theatre.

“We are so happy for the Zigzag children who have been invited to the theater again and again in recent years through the ‘Talent Place’ fundraiser.” Tanja Werth of the Zigzag – Ideas for Essen Children’s Association explains, it’s something very special when you are ‘invited’, and you feel welcome.

She is particularly pleased that the Essen Theater is implementing a new version of the donation initiative this year: “It was especially important to create moments of happiness at this time.” The Protection Society adds: “For the children of Lernhauser, participation in theatrical performance is always a highlight at the end of the year. This year is very special because joint events of a festive character for children have not been possible for a long time.”

After last year’s family Christmas play could never be played, director Christian Tombel is especially excited this year to start his “Place of Gifted” donation initiative again. Since 2015, he and his team have been leading the company with their long-term partners Sparkas Essen, Stadtwerke Essen, Freundeskreis Theater and Philharmonie Essen In addition to WAZ / NRZ this campaign was successfully carried out: a total of about 55,000 euros was collected in this way. “Now we use the money not exclusively to visit the Grillo Christmas play, but we also use it to ensure that classes or groups from so-called focus schools or institutions have the opportunity to visit various theater performances with us,” explains Tombell. So, in addition to tickets, z. For example, the trips are funded from elementary school classes to school theater days,” explains Tombel.

This was made possible thanks to the support of the old partners of this fundraising campaign: “Essen municipal facilities have been promoting productions in the Essen theater for many years. The “Place of Gifted” campaign combines culture and social engagement in a wonderful way. By supporting the project, Stadtwerke Essen would like to offer children Unable to attend cultural events for financial reasons will experience an unforgettable theatrical experience. We are delighted when many Essen citizens participate in the fundraiser and show how close we are to each other in Essen,” explains Dirk Pompon, spokesperson for Stadtwerke Essen AG. Frank Wessing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sparkasse Essen adds: “As Sparkasse Essen, we are committed to the mission of promoting a decent life for all people in Essen. We are convinced that “Free Space” is the best example of this. If through our sponsorship we can help give all the children the opportunity to watch the wonderful program of the Grillo Theatre, we would be very happy to do so.”

And FUNKE Medien NRW GmbH will again be: “WAZ and NRZ have been involved in the ‘Talent Place’ campaign for many years. We are pleased to be a cooperating partner in the project again. This year will of course be special again because we can help both children and the cultural sector,” emphasizes General Manager Thomas Kloss. “Of course, the Freundeskreis Theater and Philharmonie Essen are back again this year when it comes to enabling children in our city, who are sponsored by various social and charitable foundations, to visit the Grillo Theater for free,” confirms Susan Meluzio, Director of Theater Freundeskreis and Philharmonie Essen. “Culture can be the bridge between cultures and that’s why it’s important for us to show help and compassion so that children and young people can make their way to the stage.”

So everyone can join in and help: for 6.60 euros per ticket you can buy symbolic tickets for the performance at TicketCenter of the Theater and Philharmonie Essen (II. Hagen 2) “The Wizard of Oz” on December 21, 2021 at 3:00 pmWhich then benefits one or more children. In addition, it is also possible to make a donation of any amount to the TUP account at Sparkasse Essen (IBAN DE 35 3605 0105 0000 2526 27, BIC SPESDE3E) for the purpose of “Granted Place in Grillo”. A donation receipt will be issued for donations over €100.00.