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Schalke: So denkt Kaminski über den Start und Platz vier

Schalke: This is what Kaminski thinks at the start and fourth place

Marcin Kaminski sees Schalke 04 on the right track. But he also knows that the pressure is high and that the ascent will not be a sure success.

Marcin Kaminsky Comfortable. It’s an international break and the defender, who came from Stuttgart in the summer, has joined the team Schalke 04 Founded in the second division. The previous score of 16 points shows the right direction, but “we can’t say we are satisfied and happy now because we have won two games and everything is fine. We know that and everyone also notes that we have a lot of quality in the team and that we can show that more on the pitch.”

The 29-year-old Kaminsky recently spoke about these sentences in an interview with Sky TV. He also knows that “this development process will continue”. We know we are heading in the right direction. We have not conceded any goals in the last two games. It’s also important for us defenders to have that safety. For the whole team, too, they know: “We’re not going to score at the back.” “Kaminski is also aware that the pressure and expectations of Schalke 04 fans are high and that they were also in the second division during his time. At VfB Stuttgart, he faces this in a similar way. We were in the second division and everyone thought we would get three points in every game, no matter who we play against. But that doesn’t work, not even with the onlookers.”

Climbing with Schalke still in sight

Regarding the ever-increasing criticism of coach Dimitrios Grammozis, he said: “I think all this talk – also in the media – is normal. But we are a team with all the coaches and we are calm. We know where we are going, what we want and what we must do better. But we shouldn’t think, “Oh, we lost a game, it’s a disaster or we won two or three games, and now everything will come by itself.”

In any case, things are very close in the second degree and the promotion will only be a sure success for Schalke. Kaminski: “Everyone sees that everyone can beat everyone. One team won against us and then lost the next day – that’s how it goes here. We are fourth now and we can’t say that was our best start to the season, but we are there. We are three points behind. Just about number one and I think that will go further. We haven’t lost anything yet. We just have to look ahead and be ready for any opponent.”