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Schalke star with Hopi – USA wins gold trophy – football

Great win for American footballers!

The United States won the cup final against defending champions Mexico in their home country. In the North and Central American Continental Association match at CONCACAF, the Americans won 1-0 after extra time – a convincing victory over their big rivals.

Miles Robinson (24) of Atlanta United scored the decisive goal with a header in the 117th minute. Overall, this is the seventh victory for the United States in the Gold Cup. In the ten matches prior to the 2021 edition, both countries won five each. Mexico has beaten the United States in each of the last three finals.

At the Allied Stadium in Las Vegas, both teams squandered all chances to take the lead, including several times from FC Schalke 04 to Matthew Hope (20). One of these chances was blocked by his shot in the 71st minute when the penalty area was cleared inside and around the corner.

Two months ago, the two teams faced each other in the CONCACAF Nations League final. The game went into overtime in early June, with the United States eventually winning 3-2. Many important experts like Chelsea’s Champions League winner Christian Pulisic (22) are not in the Gold Cup.