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Schalke 04: The luxury problem - is there no more space for him in the team?

Schalke 04: The luxury problem – is there no more space for him in the team?

Schalke 04: The luxury problem – is there no more space for him in the team?

FC Schalke 04: This is the eleventh century

FC Schalke 04: This is the eleventh century

At the beginning of 2000, Schalke 04 fans voted for the eleventh club of the century. The miners’ supporters chose the best players from the 96 years of the club’s history. We will introduce you to each of them.

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After starting to stutter it seems Schalke 04 To gradually reach the second tier of the German League. After nine days of matches, S04 coach Dimitrios Grammozis’ side are fourth in the standings with 15 points – three points behind leaders St. Pauli.

In previous games, it seems that the shaky defense of the Royal Blues has settled down. take two hits Schalke 04 Only in the last four competitive matches. Perhaps the reason for this is the loan from Ko Itakura, which is likely to make it difficult for someone who will return soon.

FC Schalke 04: The defense is slowly stabilizing

In the 3-0 win over Ingolstadt, Itakura proved why Schalke were loaned from Manchester City in the summer. The Japanese, together with Marcin Kamensky and Malik Thiao, did not leave anything behind and were distinguished above all by strong duels and interventions.

The fans at Veltins-Arena and fans at home on the sofa also honored the central defender’s strong performance. Salif Sané may have taken a closer look at what his “surrogate” has achieved. The Senegalese injured his knee at the summer training camp in Mittersill and has since been out.

+++ FC Schalke 04: Guessing about the S04 star! “It’s hard to say” +++

Sane is now participating in parts of the team’s training again. It is not currently clear when they will return. But will the 30-year-old earn a spot on the S04 squad?

Schalke 04: What does the Grammozes do when Sani returns?

After all, Itakura, Thiao and Kaminski did their job right in the end and have played a huge role in ensuring Schalke 04 stay clean in three of the past four encounters.


Schalke 04’s upcoming opponents:

  • 07.10 .: VfB Lübeck (6pm / Test Match)
  • October 15: Hannover 96 (6.30 pm)
  • 23.10: Dynamo Dresden (8:30 pm).
  • October 29: 1. Heidenheim Club (6:30 pm)


If Sane returns, Grammozis will have a real welfare problem. S04 fans already have their idea of ​​the potential lineup when the Sané is fit again. “Sani is in the center of the defense and Itakura is instead one in the midfield next to Latza. It can be seen,” a Schalke fan wrote on Twitter.


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In fact, Itakura can also play in the defensive midfield. It’s doubtful that Grammozis will change anything in the defense chain that works so well. So Sane had to sit on the bench after his long injury and hope to get his chance. (oh)