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Scandal – that’s why Camila was never featured in the documentary

Prince Harry did not mention his stepmother Camilla in his documentary. The insider knows why.


The basics in brief

  • In their documentary, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stage a sweeping attack.
  • Almost all members of the royal family get rid of obesity, but Queen Camilla is spared.
  • An insider believes: Prince Harry was afraid of a full escalation.

the NetflixDocumentary of Prince Harry (38) f Meghan Markle (41) Full of vicious allegations against the royal family. Noticeable: King Consort Camilla (75) It is not mentioned at all. But why actually?

In the Sussex documentary, Prince Harry’s father is born King Charles (74) And a brother Prince William (40) Her fat is gone. The royal leak claims that William betrayed him and that Charles leaked private information to the press.

Queen On the other hand, the consort is played by Camilla in the series It does not matter and is not mentioned by name. It has been repeatedly said that Harry does not get along well with his stepmother. To this day, the 38-year-old cannot forgive her for pushing Charles and Princess Diana (36) apart.

Prince Harry was afraid of escalation

Why does Prince Harry still refrain from attacking Camilla? A palace source told The Sun: “Attacking Camilla would not be beneficial to the palace staff or their staff Father Well, he knows that.”

So was Harry afraidHe will cause a scandal with negative verses and words against those who are seventy-five years old.

Have you seen the Harry and Meghan documentary yet?

Despite the obvious “harm limitation”, the documentary in Great Britain – and for sure Also in the palace It causes red heads to appear. There is already speculation about whether King Charles Consequences could follow soon: There is talk of withdrawing the title and an invitation to crown it.

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