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Scammers use a new type of fraud – hard to recognize

Scammers use a new type of fraud – hard to recognize

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Scammers use a variety of methods to obtain sensitive data or consumers’ money. New scam using Google Ads.

Bremen – Hackers are trying to scam people with a new scam. warn about it Check point search (CPR). Fraudulent links are embedded in Google ads that lure users to dangerous websites.

New scam: hackers use Google ads

Almost every internet user is familiar with ads on Google. They may be provided by advertisers and appear on a Google search. Hackers use this type of advertisement to deceive Internet users. how Check point search reports, “Users don’t even have to click on ads, they just receive a phishing email that uses Google ads in the background.”

Anyone who carelessly clicks on links in emails can easily become a victim of online scammers. © Panthermedia / Imago (avatar)

This type of online fraud is especially common among hackers because Google is the largest provider of advertisements on the web. CPR also gives an example of attempted phishing. An email is sent to Internet users telling them that the recipient has missed a voice message from Microsoft. However, anyone who clicks on the attached link does not end up in Microsoft, but in Google Ad, which leads to the phishing site. Fraud is also more common when booking a holiday online.

This is how Internet users can protect themselves from fraud with Google

Email recipients may become suspicious at this point because they were not redirected to the Microsoft site as promised. Since there is a legitimate Google Ads address behind the link, there is often no doubt. Using big brand names like Google for phishing attempts is a popular strategy as users trust them more. This phishing idea is also called Business Email Compromise 3.0.

Check point search You would expect this type of attack to continue to increase throughout the year. Therefore, security experts advise you to be especially careful when clicking on links – this applies to both individuals and companies. AI-powered IT security solutions that identify suspicious emails are also recommended. The email security solution also checks documents, sent files, and URLs if a link is included in the email.