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Sayings about her in the Silbereisen show

Sayings about her in the Silbereisen show

The 30th anniversary of Florian Silbereisen's “Schlagerboom Open Air – The Stadium Show in Austria” has come to an end. Despite heavy rain on Saturday evening, which prevented the live broadcast, viewers at home were able to enjoy a recorded rehearsal from the night before.

In between musical performances, cabaret star Monica Gruber provided humorous moments. She not only targeted Helene Fischer, but also hosted Florian Silbereisen himself: “He always looks like a newly hired yoga teacher in a spa somewhere between Königssee and the Indian Ocean. He only does TV on TV,” she joked, according to Bild. the side.

Helene Fischer, Florian's ex-girlfriend, also became the subject of Gruber's taunts: “One of the most beautiful women in Germany, if not the most beautiful. She is one of the most beautiful women in Germany.” She is also very talented and charming. And she's cute too – stupid cow! Meanwhile, Silbereisen can be seen smiling at the edge of the stage.

“But my mother says, 'She never cooked anything for Florrie. Look how skinny he is,'” Gruber continued with her humor. She concluded her speech with a joke to Silbereisen: “Maybe now he will love an ugly woman who will spoil him a little in return.” Silbereisen was able to laugh heartily at the gags.

The show was not only full of laughter but also full of romantic moments.

Singer Michelle and her boyfriend Eric Filippi gave everyone goosebumps when they announced their engagement. “He asked me if I wanted to marry him,” Michelle revealed. Of course she said “Yes!”.

Kirsten Ott performed her song “Forever, for you” for the first time: a song she wrote for her wife. During the song, pictures of the couple were shown while thousands of lights were lit in the Kitzbühel stadium.

Schlager star Andrea Berg delivered the show's finale with a celestial apparition on a glittering orb. When Silberisen asked her how she felt at the high altitude, she replied: “It was unbelievable. I could have screamed out loud with joy.”