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Savior Mario Frick accomplished his mission

Beerus, sing and dance! At Swissporarena, after winning 2-0 in the second leg against Schaffhausen, the pent-up pressure dissipated. More than an hour after the final whistle, the stadium is still celebrating. After the honor roll, coach Mario Frick is called in front of the curve to jump with the players. Under Liechtensteiner, FCL had an impressive second half of the season – and after a moderate barrage back home, they’re still clearly improving. Frick’s mission to stay in the league is complete!

A year ago he was relegated to the Challenge League with Vaduz – and now he has survived that bad match. Frick says, “The relief is huge!” The players and the club deserved it after such a tremendous effort. He admits: “This win was very important to me too. I don’t think I have to tell you what it would have meant for my coaching career if I went down twice in a row.”